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Iran: More than 100 protesters believed to be killed as top officials give green light to crush protests


... and he cannot lie
Feb 21, 2018

Verified video footage, eyewitness testimony from people on the ground and information gathered from human rights activists outside Iran reveal a harrowing pattern of unlawful killings by Iranian security forces, which have used excessive and lethal force to crush largely peaceful protests in more than 100 cities across Iran sparked by a hike in fuel prices on 15 November, said Amnesty International today.

At least 106 protesters in 21 cities have been killed, according to credible reports received by Amnesty International. The organization believes that the real death toll may be much higher, with some reports suggesting as many as 200 have been killed. State media have reported only a handful of protester deaths, as well as the deaths of at least four members of the security forces.

Video footage shows security forces using firearms, water cannons and tear gas to disperse protests and beating demonstrators with batons. Images of bullet casings left on the ground afterwards, as well as the resulting high death toll, indicate that they used live ammunition.

“The authorities must end this brutal and deadly crackdown immediately and show respect for human life,” said Philip Luther, Research and Advocacy Director for the Middle East and North Africa at Amnesty International.

“The frequency and persistence of lethal force used against peaceful protesters in these and previous mass protests, as well as the systematic impunity for security forces who kill protesters, raise serious fears that the intentional lethal use of firearms to crush protests has become a matter of state policy.”
On 16 November, less than a day after the protests began, the authorities implemented an ongoing near-total shutdown of the internet, shutting off nearly all means of online communications for people inside Iran. The resulting information blackout is a deliberate attempt by the authorities to prevent people from sharing images and videos of the deadly force being used by security forces.

According to the NGO NetBlocks, Iran’s connectivity to the outside world has fallen to 4% of ordinary levels since the protests began. All mobile networks have been disconnected and there is a near-total national internet and telecommunication blackout, although some users have still been able to access the internet through the use of virtual private networks (VPNs) and other means.
Things getting spicy in Iran
Oct 26, 2018
Gasoline prices increased from 34 cents per gallon to 50 cents per gallon (in US dollars). So about 66 cents per gallon in CDN funds.

Right now, a litre of gas here is about $1.20. A gallon is about $4.50 CDN for normal gas. My car needs 91 premium, which is about $1.40/litre which is $5+ for a gallon.

To all the people living in those heavily subsidized petroleum countries (Venezuela is another one where a litre of gas was something like 1 penny years back, and you could fill a tank of gas for less than $1), get lost.

You milk your own economy to get cheap gas, so it's time you pony up and help the gov get funds through higher pump prices and taxes so it can pool together more fund for social services.

Can't expect everything for free.
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Jan 22, 2016
don't you love how we have all these #freehongkong hashtags and outrage yet in iraq and iran people are dying in the hundreds and no one says a fucking word
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Oct 27, 2017
Moore Park Beach
don't you love how we have all these #freehongkong hashtags and outrage yet in iraq and iran people are dying in the hundreds and no one says a fucking word
It is obvioisly because racism and iran/iraq being muslim countries, but I am uncertain about the angle.

Is it because we don't protest iran/iraq because we don't hold them to the same high standard as we hold east asian countries because racism?
Or is it because western MSM does not really cover it much/at all so most people don't even know about the unrest because MSM is racist?
Or is it fatigue because it is not uncommon with unrest and people dying in the streets there because we are all racists that can not emote?
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Oct 24, 2017
don't you love how we have all these #freehongkong hashtags and outrage yet in iraq and iran people are dying in the hundreds and no one says a fucking word
I feel like its because trying to express support for the Iranians would be counter productive. Once any outsiders get involved the govt can quickly spin it into some foreign conspiracy


wants to fuck an Asian grill.
Apr 9, 2009
It really seems like a cool country with great history, delicious food, and beautiful women. That they have a piece of shit government is extremely sad.