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Is Arx Fatalis 2 Possible In Coming Years?


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We have to face it. This is a nut glenned game and Arkane's first game as well.

The world deserves a sequel to a game like this. Not just that it was an immersive sim and also the closest thing we will have to an Ultima Underworld 3 but that it was well done, vast and lots of fun overall.

There seem to be a lot of lore here. So much to build upon that it really did seem intentional. Infinity War is on TV right now and in some ways Arx Fatalis was like that in the sense that it was the company's best game and they have a lot of good games. In fact other neglected games include the Dishonored franchise which really deserve more titles beyond the second and it's downloadable content.

While I'm more of a fan of the original Prey of 2006 - and believe me don't get me started with how that sequel was canned which I consider one of the most disappointing cancellations in gaming history - I think the more recent Prey game was good and definitely deserve the sink well and was also neglected that.

It seems like everything Arkane touches turns to gold but then there's very little interest in follow-up games. A good developer. A very good developer denied further games.


The original lead and founder of Arkane moved on and last made Weird West. I guess that any new game they made like that would have a very different design philosophy. Multiplayer modes, streamlined gameplay, "contemporary" themes and characters, and so on.
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Probably not. But there's cool looking indie stuff like Monomyth taking after it.

And in general indie immersive sims like Peripeteia and Gloomwood. Look these up, they're cool.

Also definitely check out Cruelty Squad, Neon Struct, Filcher and probably several more I'm forgetting atm.
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