Is Donald Duck a cannibal?

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I saw that George Takei posted this image on Facebook today:

Sure, that's likely a turkey and not a duck they are about to feast on, but it's still pretty close. I find this image very bizarre, and it's not the only occurance:

Video of the Donald Duck Stuck On Christmas segment of Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas:

Cannibalism in poultry is defined as the pecking, tearing, and consuming of skin, tissue, and/or organs of flock mates. Ducks and turkeys can live in the same flock. Cannibalism can affect many different types of poultry, including chickens, ducks, turkeys, quail, and pheasants.

Has there ever been an explanation to this by Disney? Donald's weird relation to pants (which is referenced in SCIENTIFICALLY ACCURATE ™: DUCKTALES I can overlook, but him and his nephews feasting on their own kin I just find gross and disturbing.
If I ate a gorilla, I wouldn't be a cannibal. I don't see why Donald duck should be barred from eating all fowl. After all, plenty of birds of prey eat other fowls.
Carl Barks and Don Rosa take the view that Donald and the other ducks are "actually" humans that are represented as ducks, and the same applies to the other anthropomorphic characters. In his early stories, Don Rosa did some gags involving the ducks being ducks, but he considers that to be a mistake now.
I mean seriously people
Why is it a bad thing for people to ask questions? Pretty sure we are all aware that it's not real.

It doesn't hurt anything, so I don't see the problem with people asking who puts air in the Batmobile's tires or the supposed diet of Donald Duck.
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