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Is Game Builder Garage the beta test for Super Mario 3D Maker?

Super Mario 3D Maker: Fun idea or bad idea?

  • FUN!

    Votes: 15 78.9%
  • Bad idea!

    Votes: 4 21.1%

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Few months ago I made a thread about Super Mario 3D Maker and many people said that it would be hard to implement the tools for creating a 3D game. Game Builder Garage let's you build 3D games albeit very basic ones, but I think it could be a start for what Nintendo can do with making SM3DM.

First of all, GBG let's you build any game, so there has to be tools to accommodate it. However, SM3DM would be used to only make Mario 3D worlds, so it would be much more restricted and focused.

IMO, with some of the tools of GBG they could build a toolset for Super Mario 64, Super Mario 3D World and Super Mario Odyssey. I believe making Super Mario Galaxy worlds would be much harder since there's gravity involved and round planets, etc. but they can start somewhere. In fact, the best package would be SM64, SM3DW and SMO styles. I skipped Super Mario Sunshine, because it's the least popular.

The great part is that all Mario's movements are established, as well as the enemies', so it would only be a matter of creating the worlds.

But now the million dollar question: Would it be fun for people to create and play Super Mario worlds in 3D?

Many creators have done wonders in Super Mario Maker 2, but what do you think people can do if they have the tools to make 3D worlds?
No, it's not.

Your poll and your thread title question are two different questions.

Also, it's hardly an original idea for a 3D Mario Maker. It's already been discussed at length why people want it and why it's very unlikely.
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no... way different.
Mario has pre determined mechanics, pre determined enemies and blocks... and Game Builder is specifically designed so you can create your own game mechanics and controls.

a 3D Mario maker will come eventually tho I bet. maybe with 2 modes, 3rd person (64, Sunshine, Galaxy, Odyssey) and top down (3D Land, 3D World)
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My biggest gripe with game builder garage is the inability to share created content using a search function.

Friends code and stuff like this are totally out of date.


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Not 3D World with its fixed camera garbage.

I think that's the only style that's really realistic to do. 3DW levels you could still mostly build on a grid, just a 3D grid. You'd place blocks instead of 2D rectangles. Fully freeform would be a mess. Then they could of course still have different visual styles to go with that, it doesn't all have to LOOK like 3DW. They could also have a choice between fixed or free camera, even if the levels are grid-based.
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They'll only do it once that IP has been run into the ground and they have no other option. Once all the 3D mario games have been rereleased and Mario has moved into VR.


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Don’t invest time into gamemaker
If you are interested in making games.

use normal tools.


No to me this is just a quick update to labo vr garage to get out and make them some cash on a year where there are hardly any games coming out, for me i told myself i wasnt going to buy, but then went and bought it a few days ago, now im wishing id just saved the money for something else, for any one intrested in making games do yourself a favour and just use the free scratch program or download game maker or unity and learn that. Lbp on the ps3 was better than this
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