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Is Game Pass Genius or am I overthinking it?


Feb 7, 2020
Gamepass is fantastic. I make good money, as does my wife, but being in my 40s my sights are more on saving money for retirement, traveling and building memories rather than acquiring crap we’ll need to get rid of when we downsize and move around during retirement etc.

Gamepass is great for my frugal sensibilities as it saves me money on the games I’d otherwise buy and also keeps me from buying games just to fill the time between big releases I’m actually stoked to play day one as there’s always plenty to check out on there.

I still buy Sony and Nintendo games and third party game I am stoked for that aren’t on there day one for sure. But now I don’t have to shell out for MS first party games, a lot of I does that end up on their and am not wasting money on games I end up meh about when just trying to find something to play between new releases.