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Social Opinion Clickbait Is Mass Effect the most realistic depiction of the future of Human Race?


May 18, 2007
These disgusting tentacle-headed things are considered attractive. How is that realistic?

Okay Space Racist…

Seriously though ME is semi plausible but it cheats in the sense that the mass relays were designed by long dead type 3 civilizations: even the current type 2A just stumbled upon the tech no one actually made scientific breakthroughs except for the Protheans and (if I’m correct) the precursor civs to them who built the reapers?
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Reseterror Resettler
Jul 13, 2020
It's realistic in that should we ever get a point where we're intelligently interacting with other sentient species, we'll probably be hyper underhanded and humanity-first in our outlook, trying to colonize worlds with reckless abandon in spite of the universally agreed upon process. I'd say the First Contact War era human dealings would be pretty accurate, but let's face it.

What's more than likely going to happen is some nerd with thick rimmed glasses is going to be studying ore deposits extracted from Io, and find microscopic fossils of plant cells from a million years ago and dormant space tardigrades that are eating it or something.