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Is Nintendo Making A New Wii U GamePad?!?!? Video Inside

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Lock if old, but it's news to me; my friend found this while hitting up the image boards.


You can see it for a split-second at the 7 second mark the bezel looks WAY too thin for it to be the current GamePad, especially the top of it.

Click Here For A Gallery

So, what do you make of this GAF?


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It does look slimmer but who knows if it's a legit Gamepad or just something used for the commercial. Interesting.


Wouldn't be surprised. Seems like something Nintendo would do. I just hope they offer them at retail for $99.

I currently am stuck with a WiiU consoles with no gamepad or controller :(

EDIT: also does anyone find it strange that a white. American-looking family is being used for Japanese marketing?


That is the only shot in the commercial where it looks like anything other than the normal Game Pad. I'm leaning towards no.
it's just the blur effect.

in every other shot it's a regular gamepad.

you can see where the screen ends and the blur begins in that very shot.
The placement of the analog sticks seems a bit different too. Ones on the gamepad at closer to the edge of the controller than what's in that image.

That or my eyes are finally calling it quits.

Actually looks like the controller is just tipped forward more.


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I think they just made the simulated screen to big, it looks identical to the current one outside of the larger then normal screen.


The bezel though... the top is about half as thick as the top of a Regular GamePad.

The pad in the OP is tilted; the top of the pad is further from the camera than the bottom.

Although, looking at it now, the sticks appear to be closer to the edge of the screen, but it could be the blur causing the screen light to bleed out a bit from the inside edge.
Actually watching it, it's 100% clear they just shopped the edges a bit to make more of the room visible.

The camera is not mounted on the person's head while he holds the Gamepad up and someone moves the sofa forward. It's two separate parts they put together.
It's likely a prop to make the screen more noticable in the video, so no.
The camera doesn't seem to be there since the screen is stretched out. Would be weird to announce it via some random commercial that shows the normal control at the end

Mory Dunz

Wait, this is a Japanese commercial? Or is it for use everywhere? I don't see it on Nintendo US's youtube.

It's actually not a bad commecial.


I don't think so, but I won't be surprised if they do a cheaper redesign with better battery life and less bulk, to cut back on the Wii U manufacturing costs. They can also sell them for about 100 bucks, since they said early on that Wii U can support 2 Gamepads, even if no games are compatible for it yet.


I think they just accidentally enlarged the Gamepad's screen covering up most of the bezel.

At the 0:23 mark, the Gamepad is its usual large self.


Maybe they overlapped the bottom screen's video or whatever to showcase what happens on there more clearly...even with the blue effect?

I dunno. Just my thoughts.
To the people saying it's an illusion: the Mario logo doesn't look tilted enough for what you're saying to make sense. Probably just an editing error or something.


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When we see it from the side and back, it looks like the original.

So probably editing shenanigans.


Ugh...I am just about to buy a WiiU, the target special next week, but I don't want to get stuck with old hardware right before they update.

Questioning whether I should I wait now.


I have uploaded every frame of the alleged new GamePad. If you want to see it, you can click here, but I am not going to go into it too too deep.

That being said, the thumbs and the buttons look closer to the screen than the current gamePad. Also, the Wii U Logo doesn't extend pat the screen, it's within the screen's dimensions, right underneath. Too many things skewed in my eyes to it be a simple prop fuckup.
Here's an amazing magic trick.

Take your gamepad in your hands like that pic.


Now tip it forward a slowly.

Except that wouldn't put the thumb in the position which is on the stick at that place.
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