Is State of Decay recommandable?

Jun 23, 2008
Hell yes. Kind of janky, but the gameplay more than makes up for it. The permadeath is awesome and really makes you connect and care for your characters. I played on 360 and one of my guys got caught in a tiny room getting supplies and zombies flooded in from the door and windows. I fought them off and fought them off and made it to the door and just when I thought I was going to break free and make it to open area and survive, they grabbed me and fucking tore me into pieces and my guy was dead as hell. And that was that. No respawns, no reloading, he was dead. It was awesome.
Oct 16, 2009
Some people tend to make a big deal over the jank and while it is there, it in no way takes away from the game, its fun or the playability.
This is a freaking fantastic game from a small studio that was originally just an xbox arcade title. It is impressive everything undead labs were able to accomplish with this first outing. By far one the best in the entire zombie survival genre.
Dec 19, 2013
Easily worth the $7. It's got jank but it does a lot of things that many other zombie games don't do. Raising the stakes with perma death and having a survival component makes the game really addicting. I played it back on the 360 and it ran sub 20FPS so being able to play it on pc 60+ is awesome.

If you do intend to play it, I recommend using a controller.
Jul 18, 2015
I regret their business practices in that I bought their EA, bought every DLC there was for the game and then they released a YOSE edition with an upgraded engine that I'd have to buy all over again even though I owned the base game and every DLC in it.

Never bought it and not planning to pick up State of Decay 2 till it's 75% off the YOSE or whatever edition that one will have.

That said, I'm looking forward to playing it and would certainly recommend the first game, particularly for that cheap price, it was a great zombie experience.


Feb 18, 2014
This game is a technical fuckin disaster. I can put up with the jank, but the character voices keep disappearing. So I need to just read the subtitles. It's a shitshow.
Played it for a couple of hours and it is a fun game and even more importantly a game I want to like. But it is indeed in a terrible state. I really hope the second game will be more playable.
Dec 17, 2010
For 7 bucks. Sure. Play it an evening maybe two. I really liked it but not enough to really finish it. As many has said it is janky. Hopefully sequel is a smoother experience because the concept it really good.
Sep 29, 2011
I got it for cheap on PC as well.

Interesting ideas, but a very low-rent execution for the most part. Would recommend skipping in the hope that the sequel delivers.
Feb 22, 2006
Hell's Ditch
I played the original and thought it was really good until I found out the game literally plays itself after switching off. When I came back to it a day later, all my main characters were dead. Never touched it again. I think they fixed that a long time ago though. In this current climate, I don't think the game is that special, but back in the day it was kinda cool.
Nov 14, 2017
I'm enjoying this game am excited for the sequel (Game Pass!). It's a little frustrating how many important things are not communicated clearly to the player.

For example, when you set up an outpost and you leave a resource there (such as fuel), I believe this outpost now resupplies your community (daily?) with that resource, but I don't know how much and how often. I didn't even know you could have resource outposts until I saw it online.

And upgrading your character is unclear as well. I had an almost fully maxed out character and I didn't realize you had to hold "X" to upgrade to special abilities. I now know that the button prompt pops up, but it's discrete enough to miss. As a special I can now go into slo-mo run and gun headshot mode, which I can't wait to try.

And just other things like, how to switch to a mission as my current primary goal with waypoints on the map, etc. I get calls on the radio sometimes and don't even know what Lilly is talking about. "Our friends need help!" Who!? Where!?

I've left the church and started building a base in the town of Marshall at the auto-repair warehouse, with resource outposts that are mined and protect me well and I'm really starting to enjoy the game now. I love how as your playable character is near perma-death the really creepy intense music kicks in as you limp to some getaway car or fight for your life. That intensity is honestly really cool.

I wish I could arm my teammates, without switching to them, when they are following me and that they too could be commanded to carry resources instead of having to call in scavengers. Anyway, It's definitely jank-filled and ugly, but fun with moments of intense action sprinkled in. It's a lot of fun.
May 26, 2014
Best zombie game ! But yeah, janky and have that unpolished feeling. You should also be aware of the real time simulation system of the game.

Basically if you stop playing and log out the game, the game is still “running”, it uses your supply while you’re not in game and in worst case, can kill one of your survivor. You can “disable” this using ZST / Zombie Standard Time mod. The game technically calculate the last time you log out the game vs current time when you boot the game then run some algorithm to ruin your day. The ZST mod bypass this check
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Jun 23, 2014
I played this game for a few hours, I just don't get what the goal is. Is goal keep finding larger and safer house to live? There are so many people in the house that have emotion problems, it feels tiresome to take care them.


Jun 14, 2013
I played this game for a few hours, I just don't get what the goal is. Is goal keep finding larger and safer house to live? There are so many people in the house that have emotion problems, it feels tiresome to take care them.
It has a story so the goal is ostensibly to complete that. The problem is the game doesn't integrate that with the base building in any meaningful way, ie by gating progress by survivor pool size (imagine a mission that requires you to have 5 other members to complete successfully) or survivor talents (needing a mechanic to fix something successfully or, if you don't have one, another member who has some technical skills, perhaps as a radio hobbyist, fixing the same thing to a lesser or higher extent, as the case may be). A critical path run can be completed in one sitting with very little care given to the base mechanics, the core of the game. The endless survival mode is of course just devoted to that and the fun comes from pushing yourself further along it's 'waves' which makes resources less plentiful, zombies more abundant, and damage taken higher.
Nov 14, 2017
I played this game for a few hours, I just don't get what the goal is. Is goal keep finding larger and safer house to live? There are so many people in the house that have emotion problems, it feels tiresome to take care them.
A couple of tips:
- Upgrade your base whenever possible. For example, a fully upgraded sniper lookout perch might ease crew fears. A garden supplying food can keep them happy/fed, etc.
- When you raid houses, take an SUV and fill the trunk with any extra supply packs (you can only carry 1 but a SUV can hold ~5). Take everything and put it in your storage locker, this will increase your influence to get people to do what you ask ("come with me on a hunt"). It will also keep critical ammo and medicine stores going for all.
- Make sure you leave at least 1 resource package in any outpost before setting up an outpost. You will continue to gain this resource daily (I just found this on wiki today). It will cost you some materials (-3), unless it is a materials outpost (+2) daily.

Go see the judge and the military guys to push the main quest line forward and to move on to your next (much bigger and better base). I have a base in an auto-repair shop in Marshall (not far from the judge) and a wiki said it's arguably the best spot in the game to set up shop.
Nov 14, 2017
Also a quick tip I didn't realize for a long time: The contents of your trunk automatically go into the base storage locker when you park in a base parking slot. So you don't have to take multiple trips bringing in the groceries, haha.
Jun 9, 2004
Managing a community does sound interesting.
It's a neat mechanic, but you don't do all that much managing. You collect resources and choose which structures to place. You can also select your base from several options.

It's an intriguing game, and it kept me entertained throughout. But it has its problems, some of which have been listed here. I didn't like the mission system, which required you to complete one task (often requiring you to return to your base) before completing another. State of Decay requires a lot of driving around, and it really would have been beneficial if you could knock off multiple chores/quests in a row. And as someone pointed out, the mission objectives are often time-sensitive with your handler saying "You'd better hurry!" or "Time's running out!" without being specific as to what's critical.