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Is there a game for Drums similar to what Rocksmith is for Guitar?


Apr 19, 2018
I spent most of my youth in Rock/Metal bands and just got so burned out I stopped playing guitar for almost 20 years, Rocksmith has been such an incredible motivator to not only get back to where I used to be but I actually improved drastically even over my peak thanks to it.

Because of that and the COVID lock downs I invested in setting up a small recording studio and I even got nice Edrum setup, while I can play some very basic things (like every Ramones song because every Ramones song on drums is pretty much the same) I really want to get to where I'm at least an adequate drummer (I'm currently in a band and my Drummer is amazing but I'm writing all of the material so it would be nice if I could get what is in my head down so he has something to work with other than me awkwardly mimicking beats with my mouth).

Just thought I'd throw it out there as if it exists I'm sure someone here can point me to it..
I have PC, Switch, Xbox Series X and PS4 Pro so I'm down with whatever platform I can get it for.


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May 31, 2018
Leeds, UK
I haven't looked into it much personally, but I'm pretty sure there's Rock Band pro drum kits where they're set up like an actual kit. Or, at least, you can modify real electronic drumkits to use Rock Band.

Not happy to reference the guy, but Alex Navarro from Giantbomb does these drum streams where he plays expert Rock Band on what looks like real kits. Guessing this is the closest thing you're going to get.



Feb 25, 2006
Rock Band 3 has a pro drums mode, I would look into that. I think you can use an adapter that you need to buy second hand at this point that works with electronic drum setups.

of course, for Rock Band 3, you'd have to play it on 360 or PS3.
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Apr 19, 2018
Nice I see there is a Rockband to Midi converter for that will work with PS4/Series X
just need to actually track one down that is in stock.... apparently works for Rock Band 4..
though I find the guitar fretboard for drums madly confusing supposed I get used to it.

Rock And Roll

Sep 28, 2014
Drum teacher here, been a long time since these games were the craze but I definitely had an influx of students thanks to this series.

The one thing I will say about using this game as a primary teacher is to watch out for stiffness. All my students who came to me could beat the game on expert but sounded really stiff and mechanical when sitting behind a kit. Rock Band is going to make what you are doing naturally sound amazing since it just plays the audio from the song. I suggest after you do the song and have a basic idea of how it goes, turn the game off and try to play the song. Notice how it sounds when you are playing then try to mimic the feel of the actual song. This approach will help you a lot because as a guitarist I'm sure you know it's hard to unlearn bad habits, so if you keep practicing with the game and you develop a stiff mechanical sound, that's going to be hard to fix.

Have fun my dude!


Jan 21, 2018
Get yourself Clone Hero on PC and buy a Ion Drum Rocker search for other compatible electronic drum sets. I have the Ion and 2 cymbals it’s fun and keeps my skills some what up to par lol.