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Is this industry at this point rely on "rumors" and "insiders" for its PR and marketing?


Aug 28, 2009
Have we come to accept this standard by now?

How many "rumors" have we had on the last year alone and how many of them came true? Yet we still give people like Jeff Grub,Jason Schrier and many others our attention. They hype up games that are nowhere to be seen ,they hype up events and in the end almost nothing comes true.

I think companies are behind this situation and are now taking full advantage of social media and since they have nothing to show (which is evident by how many CGI and in-game cutscene trailers they show in their events) they "play" with people by manufacturing rumors,give a few bones to social media "insiders" and even give the green light to developers (like Blue Box or Kojima) to allude to games that are nothing more than vaporware just to keep the attention of people on them.

Is this how the marketing of this industry will be from now on? People getting untrustworthy tidbits of information and tweets about rumors instead of companies officially announcing their games and talk about them?

Edit:Ugh i meant to say "Does" in the title. -_-
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Maiden Voyage

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Sep 5, 2014
Leaks, rumors, etc. are all marketing tactics. They are prevalent because it works very well on the vast majority of people.

MKBHD just did a video on this in relation to the latest iPhone rumors/leaks, but it holds true across the tech industry:
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