Israel and Hamas might be going to war again (this time with live tweeting)

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Israel this morning killed the leader of Hama's military wing and it seems both sides are ramping up the retoric. There is now shelling and bombing of Gaza from the sea and air and rockets being launched at Israel. Israel has said a ground invasion is possible and is calling reserve troops.

Here's a link to the guardian's coverage

The most bizare part? Both sides are live tweeting, taunting each other with hashtags and all



This comes right after a renewed drive for Palestinian recognition in the UN

Summary by the guardian courtesy of shorty_symd

• Israel killed Hamas military leader Ahmed al-Jaabari in an airstrike on his car in Gaza. Israel followed the assassination with sustained air and naval strikes across Gaza, concentrating in the north. Hamas vowed to avenge the act.

• Israeli officials said the offensive, called "Pillar of Defense," was meant to stop the launch of hundreds of rockets on civilian populations in southern Israel in recent months.

• At least nine Palestinians have been killed in the strikes, including women and children, according to the Palestinian envoy to the UN. That number was expected to climb, possibly significantly. Dozens of Palestinians were reported injured.

• Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said, "We are still at the beginning of the event, not at the end, and we expect some complicated tests ahead." He said that increased deterrence, as well as taking out Hamas' rocket-launching capability, is a primary goal of the offensive.

• Egypt recalled its ambassador to Israel, condemning the attack. President Morsi called for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council. The Arab League announced a meeting on the crisis to take place Saturday.

• The assault is the widest offensive against Gaza since the Israeli invasion of 2008-2009, known as Cast Lead, in which at least 1,100 Palestinians and 13 Israelis died.

• At least 90 rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel Wednesday. There were no reports of casualties.

• The United States pledged its support to Israel, asking that it "take every effort to avoid civilian casualties." President Obama did not mention the conflict in an hourlong news conference today, and he was not asked by reporters about it.

• The Syrian government denounced the "barbaric crimes" in Gaza. Obama said the United States had no plans to grant official recognition to the Syrian opposition.

• The IDF and the Al-Qassam brigades engaged in a Twitter spat
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I'll check the updates from my bunker in the middle of the woods in northern canada when the nukes fall on the east coast...

dang.... I kinda wished we had this in WWII...


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well there you go Coolio
I know they usually post the videos but somthing about "in case you missed it" is rubs me the wrong way.

Its not a damn sports highlight. Its the killing of someone, even if he was a terrorist its still not a spectators sport.

They even have their own facebook share picture
The whole point of propaganda is to dehumanize your opponents. Israel is really good at it.
He's not the only person who died in the attack. The other casualties and deaths get handwaved as 'Israel has the right to defend itself.'
They attacked a car. So I assume the others were riding along. The video is on youtube.

Also the Israeli operation is #pillarsofdefense

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This disturbs me greatly. The last thing we need is more bloodshed in Palestine/Israel, you just know the civilians are going to deal with the brunt of the aftereffects.
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