iStockphoto is amazing: When Pedobears Attack

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So, I'm working on a Christmas spot for a client and I needed to find some stock wrapping paper... as I'm searching, I find this gem:

In a way I can't believe it made it onto iStock, but the other half of me is laughing my ass off that someone made a seamless wrapping paper (at high rez, as well) out of the pedobear.

:lol :lol

Best part is, it's never been downloaded :D

Anyone else ever accidentally find pedobear in their professional lives?


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Stock vector description

Wonderful for decorating the walls in the children's room



Vied for a tag related to cocks, so here it is.
nomster said:
I still don't see it. Please explain
I think it's because they're in the boobs and vagina positions?
I hope it's not that though because that's not even funny =/
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