It looks like Doom (2016) will join Game Pass on August 10th


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According to Reddit, some people were sent an email saying that Microsoft will add Doom to Game Pass on August 10th. The same day Bethesda plans to unveil more info about Doom: Eternal, so it would make sense from franchise promotion/PR standpoint. It's still not officia, though.

Game still kicks ass and would certainly be a great addition to Game Pass library. Whoever didn't play it, should do it. Like right now, it's so fuckin good when it comes to single player mode.
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Can't wait to finish this game up, got close to the end before I had to return it. May just start over again if the X update impresses me that much. Gamepass just keeps on giving. :D
Awesome news. I've been playing it on the Switch, but the multiplayer feels dead. Being available on Gamepass means the XB1 version will at least have an active and healthy pool of players.
The multiplayer was some of the most boring ass badly done shit in a long time...

But the single player...

Ohhh the single player...

I pretty much feel the need to revisit it every week, it was incredible. One of the best FPS games this generation without question. God damn that music still plays in my head...
Would be fantastic! I don't buy games anymore knowing that you get about 10 games a month between Game Pass and Games with Gold, including new releases like Sea of Thieves, State of Decay 2, Vermintide 2, and gems like Doom.
Bounced off it quick back when I played it originally on PS4. Will give it another go if for no other reason than to check out the enhancements.
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My only problem with game pass is the ridiculously slow downloads. Despite having a 200mbps internet connection I get 30 mbps on my Xbox one s downloads. I get faster downloads on playstation 4, so i don't know what is wrong. Id rather not wait hours for one game.

I did enjoy doom though when i rented it on disc. Im happy that more people get to experience doom.
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Along with BC, Game Pass makes such a compelling package going fwd. Imagine a next gen where this gen’s hits are rolling onto the platform along with day one 1st party releases, all at this reasonable rate/pricing, esp during the early part of the gen when games are scarce.

I love Game Pass. Probably the best value in gaming, ever. Don’t blow it MS.