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Opinion NSFW Event It seems to me that I have to educate you - the difference between FAT and THICC girls -- [free course]

Are you satisfied with this course and did you learn something?

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Sep 4, 2013
You failed your own course op.

Health should come before looks and almost everyone in those pictures is in a very unhealthy range that promotes a variety of diseases.
Something like that shouldn't be praised or encouraged in any case.

Now that sexy black mama that DeafTourette DeafTourette posted :messenger_smiling_hearts:. That's a different story. That's thicc.


Jun 13, 2018
You people still don't get it that THICC doesn't exist.
It's just a word of admiration towards all fat girls. Some people use it for less fat girls, some use it for more fat girls. But all of them are fat.
A fat girl turns into THICC the moment the person who looks at her thinks she's hot. That's all that is there to it.

I find most of the women in those pictures at least somewhat attractive. The blonde in the third picture is the least attractive but she's ok too.

I like skinnier women too because whynotboth.gif.
Small boobs, big boobs, fit, fat, I won't be looking away if you happen to be nude.

A toast to you for telling the truth.
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Gold Member
Dec 18, 2010
washington d.c.
I'm halfway expecting a certain black Republican to come in and say "those are men"... And then never come back to explain himself. :messenger_tears_of_joy: :messenger_tears_of_joy: :messenger_tears_of_joy: :messenger_tears_of_joy:

That said... I'll post these pictures of this same model again. I was there at her photoshoot at the magazine I was at... I had a lot of fun (not sexy fun but just the experience of seeing how a shoot went) and made a couple of very good friends. Her waist is small, her thighs thick, her booty thick and her chest heavy... Yet some of these guys in this thread would call her obese...

And yes, she really looked like these pics. Smooth all around back when we shot her (I don't have the pics at the moment but I can get them)

Yeah this is thicc to me. Those other women in the op just look kinda fat, like winded going up the stairs kind.