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Italian gaffers : mediaworld, Unieuro, euronics, Trony, comet or just plain ol' Amazon ?

Good evening my fellow Italian gaffers.

What the title says really, i'll be joining your beautiful country in a couple of months and i'll need some new electronic appliances for my new home , 4K TV, stove, fridge - you name it.
Now, i took a quick look at various items on each retailer's homepage and...prices are mostly the same (?).
Here's the thing though : based on your personal experience , which one usually provides better prices - but most important - better after sales support ?
The reason i'm also mentioning Amazon in the title is due to the fact (from what i've been reading at least) that they usually do refunds/swaps no questions asked compared to the other big retailers - prices on Amazon aren't the best from what i've seen, IF the customer/after sales support is that much better though i'd have no objection in spending a little bit more tbh.
Are there any well known "mom 'n' pop" shops by any chance ?

So guys/gals, could you be kind enough to tell me which shops usually provide the best option/bang for your buck ? If you know of any other (better) options/shops please let me know.

Much appreciated , cheers

EDIT : Dang, i've posted this in "gaming", apologies
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