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It's been 9 years since the last proper Ridge Racer released.


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and Unbounded was literally not a Ridge Racer game... it was a wannabe burnout with the name slapped onto it.

Ridge Racer Slipstream might be a mobile game, but it plays like Ridge Racer 7, has tracks from the PSP games, RR6 and RR7... has some of the classic songs in there, has all the classic cars and it looks pretty nice for such an old Mobile game.
it's better than whatever that PSVita game was supposed to be, and has a fairer monetization model as well :nougat_rofl: :nougat_rofl:

and you can still easily play it btw. you can get the .apk file for android on some sites, and it still works offline... just multiplayer is non functional sadly, even local LAN doesn't work anymore... which is why I would love for someone to mod that thing... hell you could literally port it to the Switch even! the Switch can run android games with that wrapper this guy made for GTA.
but even as it is, it's a great game for on the go... just pop out your phone and play a quick race. I still play it from time to time, still have it installed on my phone, and I have the .apk file so I can reinstall it on every android phone in the future as well.


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RR is the perfect antidote to po-faced bollocks like Forza and Gran Turismo. Switch your brain off and approach dangerous corners at 150mph in your big shiny pink car. I'd love a remastered compilation of them all. R4 and 7 in particular.


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Was watching this the other day and made me quite sad that there are no modern DU and RR releases, even if just for the music. RR music is different ofc but still great.


Id love a new Ridge Racer. Im not good at racing games but I always liked and did well in Ridge Racer. Type 4 and the PSP are my favourites
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wish we got more racing games in general your best bet with racing games is either a forza,NFS or 10 years for another GT game unless you live in japan then you can play the inital D and wangan midnight games

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With the scope of the genre today, I don't think the Ridge Racer formula would be enough to justify $70. Maybe as a 30~40 experience digital only.
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