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ITT: We Discuss Time Wasted and Time Spent


Jul 10, 2009
Have you ever looked back on some moments in your life that you feel like you've wasted but if given the chance you'd do again?

I once watched the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy (extended edition) over an entire day. I believe the marathon started around 11 am and lasted until 10-11pm. I woke up on that Sunday morning and I saw Fellowship was on one of those premium channels but I didn't realize they were running a marathon. I've always wanted to see the extended editions and I knew that this was probably my only chance. I went up to the common room of the house and just sat in the recliner. My roommates popped in and out from there rooms every now and then and would see that I was still watching and that I never moved once. They'd even join me sometimes. I literally did not do a thing though. I had lunch and dinner delivered to me. I also started drinking some beers later in the afternoon. The day was pretty relaxing but I know I should've spent some time on studying or homework or something else at least semi productive. I don't think I'd ever trade it away though. I felt it was time well spent especially since the extended editions are pretty boss.

Another thing I look back on and question is my entire time on wow. I've been playing since vanilla, with a few "breaks" scattered throughout. My breaks usually lasted between a couple of weeks to a few months. Aside from those breaks, I play pretty regularly. I've made countless toons, been in some competitive raiding guilds, and spent some ridiculous hours farming mats for pointless shit. I don't know how much /played I would ultimately have over all these years but I wouldn't be surprised at what it really was. I definitely could've spent time on other important things but I'm not mad that I didn't. I think it's one of the best games I've ever played. Vanilla was probably my favorite time playing the game since I played with a good chunk of my friends and I thought the noob/beginner experience was refreshing.

Creating this topic probably is one of those moments too.

What are some moments in your life that you know wasted time? Would you do it again?

1. Watched entire LOTR extended edition in a day
2. World of Warcraft

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Nov 14, 2009
Whoa, took a bit to realize this is a very old topic. The way the fellow talked about Vanilla WoW makes sense.

I'd say a lot of the time I spent bouncing around videogames, TV shows, internet forums, porn and youtube. The porn is done. Time to move on from other things.