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ITT: We post screens that showcase the visual charisma lost by modern Simpsons

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i don't like jittery animation for the chosen artstyle

some of those were pretty good episodes though
The Simpsons went from one of the best shows on television to one of the worst. I'm still hoping it gets canceled so that the series will get released in a boxset sooner.


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Snowman Prophet of Doom said:
Which episode was this? I remember this scene quite well, I just can't place the episode it's from.

Whacking Day, Episode 20, Season 4.

Approx. 15 minutes and 25 seconds in.
This thread displayed what was going through my mind as I was watching tonight's episode. I really miss the human touch the show had during it's first several seasons. It looks too... overproduced these days. My favorite part of watching DVDs of older seasons is viewing it frame by frame, and getting those unexpected frames of animation. You don't really see that these days.

I know it's push towards HD necessitates now more than ever, but it still leaves me feeling somewhat cold towards it.
to be fair a lot of those screens are from the really really early seasons.

but yeah i think they need to have a meeting and decide what they're going to do with the show. pump it with new life, hire some new writers, ect.

for awhile i defended the show's newer stuff (season 10 and on) but now... yeah.
I can't watch the really early ones anymore, not just the animation as I griped about earlier, but the different VAs, the pacing of the episodes, and the stories in general. I can tolerate the latest ones, but the real meat of the Simpsons in my eyes were the "middle" ones. I'm not well versed on the season numbers, but I'd guess the middle 10 or 11 seasons are the ones I feel are truly great. It's too bad they rely on so much CG nowadays.
The new HD animation is especially bad. It's like the models just got a few pixels too wide. Everyone, EVERYONE, looks just a bit...off.

way more

relaxor said:

The show has none of that detail anymore. Everything is so sparse and they just sort of stand around until the next joke. It reminds me of how Matt Groening said you had to give animators cool things to draw.

Homer freaking out is something that would be fun to animate and the quality shows.


Leonsito said:
Am I the only one that loved the first season ? None of my friends like it :(

Great season. It took a while for me to get used to the weird voices and not so crisp animation but once i did, i loved it.
CiSTM said:
Great season. It took a while for me to get used to the weird voices and not so crisp animation but once i did, i loved it.
Yeah, it was interesting when Homer would still do something like sell the television to pay for family counseling. He slowly went from a sort of believable schlub heading the all American nuclear family to an idiot manchild with a penchant for absurd/surreal behavior, and along the way pretty much acted as a symbol for the direction the entire show was taking.

In a lot of ways King of the Hill picked up the torch for more grounded social satire when the Simpsons dropped it, and likewise Futurama took the more absurd elements to their zenith. Between the two of them there wasn't much left for the Simpsons to do but strike a successful dichotomy, but the show went through a sort of identity crisis and fell into shambles instead. It's varied in quality since then, but never really gotten back to being any better than passable imo.


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This thread makes me miss the days I used to watch The Simpsons all the time. :( Used to be such an epically great show.


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people forget (or don't know) that even the ullman clips were AMAZING at the time, but like S1 (and to a lesser extent some of S2), they were just surpassed so much by S3-8.


I liked the show better when it was about somewhat family issues.. but they just ran out of subject one day
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