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I've made a huge mistake...or two

I've been trying to grow some plants at home and wasn't having much success which I attributed to having bad soil... and I didn't want to spend the money to buy large bags of potting soil or whatever, so I made the genius decision to go to a forest, wearing shorts and flip-flops, and gather some good looking soil in two large buckets and brought it all home. I spent two days working with it to repot my plants and making a huge mess in the balcony.

It's two days later and my groin and balls have been very itchy today, so I take a closer look and what do I see?

These little fuckers all over my groin with their heads buried in my skin sucking my blood!

They are so tiny and difficult to see, need very strong light, good vision, and patience to pick them off. And they're hardy fuckers scratching or squeezing them does nothing. I've been executing each one by putting it on a plate and cutting it in half with a knife.

I removed 6 or so from around my balls (all the ones I could find at the time), jumped in the shower, soaped and scrubbed like mad, then doused myself in DEET. I've found another half a dozen on me later, and I'm still getting sudden itches in random places on my body but not finding anything (probably psychological).

The thing is, I know my apartment is infested with them now (there's still a bunch of unused soil in the balcony)... I'm fucked.

Here's a video I took of one with a bonus ominous soundtrack (which was totally coincidental, I'm not sure what sound the camera was picking up). It's blurry cause the thing is very tiny and keeping it in focus while handheld was next to impossible.

Nuke me from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.


What kind of home insurance policies do you have?

Also, I don't know how much of this is within the scope of an exterminators services, but call one.


I'd try to use the natrual form of "DEET" an ex of mine/her kids got lice. The general consensus was that the chemicals are a little harsh on you, and the natural occuring chemicals work wonders.

Also, the next time you go to the forrest, you have to dig deeper for the enriched soil, otherwise you're just excavating bugs and burrows, as you've found. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terra_preta

Terra preta (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈtɛʁɐ ˈpɾetɐ], locally [ˈtɛhɐ ˈpɾetɐ], literally "black earth" or "black land" in Portuguese) is a type of very dark, fertile anthropogenic soil found in the Amazon Basin. Terra preta owes its name to its very high charcoal content, and was made by adding a mixture of charcoal, bone, and manure to the otherwise relatively infertile Amazonian soil. It is very stable and remains in the soil for thousands of years.[1] It is also known as "Amazonian dark earth" or "Indian black earth". In Portuguese its full name is terra preta do índio or terra preta de índio ("black earth of the Indian", "Indians' black earth"). Terra mulata ("mulatto earth") is lighter or brownish in colour.[2]

It yeilds 10x more than normal soil. And some believe that its status quo for the most Forrest areas. Either way, digging deeper...


Damn...sorry to hear about that OP and I know know what kind of ticks those are but I know if you rip them out make sure you get the head as well because they can get stuck in there.
Did you say you sprayed deet on your balls?

edit: yeah that looks way more like louse.
You should be extracting them by pinching near the mouth and your skin as close as possible with tweezers and pulling up and by dropping them into isopropyl alcohol.


Rub Acetone all over your sack for three days three times a day, then spray heavy duty raid all over your house for three days.

I am not a doctor, go see a doctor.


If any of the tick bites gets red, go to doctor asap.

Wait, looking at the video that's no tick. OP, you got crabs looool.


Isn't that a louse?
Ticks have black bodies and aren't as tiny (even before they start sucking blood)

I had a tick in my ear as a kid

Some ticks are pretty small. There are several different types.

If the OP is living in the continental US, he may want to consider going into a Doctor. Certain ticks can carry Lyme disease.
Is there a possibility that they are not from the forest, but a sexually transmitted insect (crabs)? It seems more likely to be crabs then ticks (which are much bigger than crabs), especially if you went to the forest in your underwear/pants. I mean... how can they be on your crotch but no where else?
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