Iwata Asks: Wii Street U (Iwata in a jetpack camera wand thing)

Wii U in Google Maps (※ 1) of Street View (※ 2) software, you can use the function "Wii Street U powered by Google" to ask about. Just, Google in the United States today (※ three) at the headquarters chief product of Street View to fit the occasion Mr. Kawai is temporary return, thus, I was able to meet (or Ji) straight. Taking the time, thank you.

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    Map, which is provided by the world via the Internet Google Maps = Google, local search service (region). While adjusting the scale, bird's-eye view map and photos can be (dead) the whole world.
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    One of the functions of the street view = Google Maps, as if you were actually in place, overlooking a panorama photograph features a 360-degree anywhere. Learn more about the "Street View" .
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    Year Google = 1998, established in California, USA.
Sounds like a Google Maps/Streetview map enhanced for Wii U.
I'm guessing this is going to take the whole "use the gamepad as a window to another world" concept, applied to Google Maps streetview. Maybe there's a game involved, probably not.