Jackie Chan Teases Rush Hour 4

I'm hoping they take a more light hearted approach with part 4 if they do it. A part of what made RH 3 so bad is how seriously they handled the plot. I'm betting it was because that was around the time Jackie wanted to do more drama films and it felt like he treated RH3 as a test drive. Also, if they introduce a protege to Jackie(because Lethal Weapon 4 did it too) I'm hoping it is an actor/actress who actually is interested in fight choreography and not just a general star to get people to buy tickets.

My personal rankings:

Rush Hour 2 = Shanghai Knights > Rush Hour 1 > Shanghai Noon > Rush Hour 3

I know some might be puzzled over my Shanghai Knights ranking but in terms of being a movie with really fun/unique fights it's up there with some of his wackier fights like in the Operation Condor movies. SK is worth a second viewing for that.
Hope it's like Lethal Weapon where the 4th is much better than the 3rd
Pretty much what I'm hoping for.
3 was God awful.

4 will in no way be better than the first 2, but I'm still looking for it.

I mean the first movie is my all-time favourite movie..

And of course Tucker has to return, good stuff Jackie 👌
i remember something about the Eiffel towel and his brother being Japanese?

Cripes, they need to bring the budget back down. The first one only cost $33 million, second one was $90 million
loved the first two but the third was so bad. not as excited for this as I once would have been.

hopefully they nailed it this time.

Shanghai Noon was really fun too back in the day.
Shanghai Knights had some dope action scenes, Donnie Yen v. Jackie Chan plus a pretty rad swordfight with Littlefinger.
Hope it's like Lethal Weapon where the 4th is much better than the 3rd
What? Lethal Weapon 4 was a complete tonal mess. It had horrible "gags" that played at the expense of the Asian cast...so borderline racist. The music queues were awful and had weird timing (see the scene with Gibson and Russo walking on the beach). The performances were such awful caricatures of what came before.

Lethal Weapon 3 at least had the benefit of being more subtle.

Rush Hour 4 is just a bad idea. Let it go.
Why do they make such a large gap in between movies, its so damn crazy.

Could have been a great and long franchise if they had made movies back to back like every 2-3 years rather than 5-10 years.


yes, that talented of a member
I will say, the sword duel between Jackie Chan and Hiroyuki Sanada in PT 3 was legit fire🔥🔥🔥
The first and second Rush Hour are all-time classics for me

The third one was not 😔

But I'd love to see a fourth because the series deserves better closure than that shitty third film
I love the first two but 3 was a big step down. They made the story more serious than necessary and the humor that was there was mostly rehashed jokes. Also thought setting it in France was always a wired decision (for me, if they wanted to go to a location outside the US and China, I thought heading to Japan, and having the the Triads have a conflict or partnership with the Yakuza would had made for a more interesting story). The chemistry between the two just wasn't as good overall.

They've been talking about a RH4 for years now, I have my doubts if it will ever get off the ground. Chan and Tucker have also aged, IDK if Chan would be able to do the same stunts as he did in the past. Only way I could get behind a fourth film is if it had someone other Ratner doing it, and it's written as more of a grand finale. Someone mentioned Shane Black, that would be a terrific pick.