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Retro Trailer Platform JAK AND DAXTER PlayStation Evolution PS2 - PS4


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman
Dec 1, 2014

The Game Evolution Presents: Evolution of Jak And Daxter Games on PlayStation. This compilation shows the history of the franchise including Jak X: Combat Racing, "Daxter" for PSP and the PS3 & PS4 Collections.

0:00 The Game Evolution
0:06 Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (2001)
0:46 Jak II (2003)
1:21 Jak 3 (2004)
2:08 Jak X: Combat Racing (2005)
2:44 Daxter (2006)
3:25 Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier (2009)
4:16 Jak and Daxter Collection (2012)
4:57 The Jak and Daxter Collection (2017)
5:29 The Game Evolution