Jam Legend: Guitar Hero on the web


Once you sign up, you pick a song from a variety of genres (although right now there are only songs in rock, alternative, and acoustic) and a difficulty level. Once the song starts playing, notes come down as dots on a guitar fret, and you have to press the right buttons on your keyboard and “enter” as they pass by. You can play “Jam Style,” holding your keyboard like an air guitar, or “chill style” (see illustration.). I’d recommend chill style—you never know who might walk into the room and catch you geek rocking with your keyboard. The game will will also support game guitars plugged into our computer for serious faux fretters.
Music artists are invited to upload their songs to the site.

You can sign up with invitation code "Techcrunch" (but hurry up since it's only for the first 1000 people)

Trailer: http://vimeo.com/1461983?pg=embed&sec=1461983
maniac-kun said:
they must have a a filter for non american people cant open the site
I am "non american" and can open it just fine. Probably all the people that try to access the site at the same time.. (Featured on techcrunch, etc)
carlosp said:
i just visited the site and now it doesnt work anymore. Did they just go online?
It working on and off... a few of the big blogs have posted about them and the serves can't handle it. I only got to play 2 songs in the last hour :(
I signed up and I get to a song, but my GH2 360 guitar isnt working with it. Its perfectly configured in Windows but the browser ignores it..


ὁ αἴσχιστος παῖς εἶ
It got a little choppy for me in some parts, and it has all of Flash's drawbacks such as occassional freezing/unresponsiveness.

But nevertheless I suppose it's a good tool to stay "in-shape" with Guitar Hero when you don't want to pop in the disc.
Frets on Fire was too much for my computer to handle on the lowest settings, so this was neat that someone made a well done flash app doing the same thing. I'm going to have to hook up my Rock Band guitar and reasign keys though to really enjoy this, can't do this with keyboard.
nothing compared to the real games if you miss a note the song continues normaly not much fun this way
oh and without a tremolo or other way to manipulate the note it less fun too
I just wrote up a preview for my site, I'll copy and paste as not to seem to be whoring for site hits:


Thanks to TechCrunch I was able to get in the Beta of a new online game called JamLegend (and you can get in the beta right now too, keep reading).

Taking a page right out of Frets on Fire, you are using your keyboard’s F1-F5 keys as the frets and “Enter” to strum. While I’m a legend on plastic guitars for my console (throw ANY song and medium and I will 80% at least!), changing up to play on the keyboard actually took a few minutes to get adjusted to, but once I was in, that was all she wrote.

Though you can pick up and play “Jam Style” (see below picture), I found myself better chilling (and I would think less embarrassed if someone walked in my room).

Much like it’s consoles competitors, audience applauds when you are doing well, multipliers are present, and even a goal meter on the side helps motivate you to get better.. Everything is pretty solid and impressive for really being a full on working flash Guitar Hero type game (soon to be Rock Band type game when the Drums, Bass, and Keyboards come, which they are working on).

I have no doubts if you have the right drivers and keyboard remapping programs, you could use a Rock Band or Guitar Hero guitar in this game, however I stuck with the default keyboard style.

On top of being easily accessible and fun, one of my favorite things about this game is the music I have never heard of. I started out with a band “Blue Judy,” easily just as good as, if not better than most of the indie pop rock acts you have heard before (for example, something like The Killers).

There is a good amount of artists already available in various genres, and more to come. The makers claim to want you to be able to play any song available, but because of various copyright reasons, for now they are gladly taking in bands who would like to have their music featured in the game. with that comes links to CDBaby, iTunes, etc, so if people like what they hear, they can purchase it right from the site.

Lastly, one of the bigger selling points to this free game is the social aspect. Leaderboards against people and against yourself. When you sign in all your stats are shown and songs border the page so you can jump right into a game quickly. For the price of entrance and the potential for growth, I suggest signing up and giving this game a try. Right now the site is in Beta, so I got some invites for you, just use this link and you should be in:
(Get an invite while you can, “supplies are limited”.. seriously, thanks to Andrew @ JamLegend for hooking BingeGamer up. Who also left us with this little note..”..kudos to whoever can find the cowbell on their keyboard!”)
wow the musik rocks. I just played a couple of songs and they sound much better then most of the commercial stuff you hear on radio. Wondering if you can play this with a normal guitar on your ps3 browser :D