January US Playstation+ games leaked (Don't Starve, Bioshock Infinite, DmC, Brothers)


Second-rate Anihawk
In the free games section of the Playstation Plus section of the store there is a promo video for January's games.

PS4: Don't Starve
PS3: DmC, Bioshock Infinite, Brothers
Vita: Smart as..., Worms Battle Islands
damn it, I just bought brothers on the EU sale.... oh well, good to give the developers money twice. (I've bough both guaccamele, and hotline like a week before they went on plus...)

bioshock infinite is awesome though and smart as looks fun on the vita.
I just bought BioShock last month haha, L for me

DmC is great cause I've been waiting to play it :D

what if these infinite versions include BioShock 1 :eek: like physical copies did
Yes yes! YES!!! I was going to get brothers for xbox (didn't even know it was on psn) I've wanted to play dmc and of course don't starve (already beat and traded in bioshock very meh game)
wow if this continues like this on the ps4 you can have "free" games on your ps4 will most games under 12 month window that is insane......

For single player games that your on the fence on or just not that interested when they come out why would you ever buy them again when they come out if you know its going to be "free" in just under 12 month window.

Vita list is kinda sucky, but those PS3 games!!! Already played BioShock but I will happily play DmC and Brothers.

AWESOME month [for PS3]
Was waiting for DmC so much but finished on PC a couple of weeks ago lol, oh well. Good for those that haven't played it, solid action game.

Looking forward to Bioshock Infinite and Brothers.

Great month.
nice, i really wanna play bioshock and brothers.

also that is the only way i'd be giving don't starve a shot. game kinda creeps me out and i doubt i would have paid for it.