Japan GAF |OT| I'm not planning a trip; I live here!

How'd you respond? What was the outcome?

Still, your situation sounds better than mine. I spent like an hour filling out the membership application and taking a tour, and then just before getting my card they asked if I had any tattoos. Big fucking waste of time, and they made no exceptions, even when I said it was on my shoulder and I could just keep a shirt on.
Haven’t gone back yet. Going to see if they backpeddle on their comment, otherwise I’ll cancel and stick to running and pushups :p

Your situation sounds even shittier!

Has anyone had experience with Heart Corp as an ALT? From what I read experience varies based on location. I figured it would be a good first step and I could review after my first contract is completed but I wanted some others' opinions.
They have a bad reputation which is saying a lot considering ALT companies generally don’t have good reputations to begin with. But do what you’ve got to do — everyone’s experience is different.