Japan: New 3DS XL Colors - Limited Edition Orange x Black & Turquoise x Black

The turquoise is lovely. I like the face buttons being the same colour as the shell.
Is this the first time they've done this with the 3DS?
Okay, there's the Aqua Blue and the Orange (imagine the metallic shine) XL's that I dreamed of. All of a sudden I understand the hate for region locking!
I usually don't like gloss, but I'm really digging the two tone thing that they have, coloring the buttons and switches. I keep wanting to buy more 3DS XL units just so I can have all the different limited editions. Someone please help.
Orange is my favorite color so I'd probably spring for that if it came to America.

Knowing NoA it never will so
With a land as diverse and large as America, with many tastes and personalities, with the potential to provide huge numbers of sales, it only makes sense not to treat those people with respect and reverence and not to offer those many different people more choices to meet their varied tastes /s

If there's going to be a lemondrop yellow 3DS XL, I might have to sign up for Twitter just to get on board with the anti region-locking movement.
Was gonna get a black one thinking an orange DS would never happen, but now that I see this... I mean I'd import one otherwise but that'll be worthless to me.

So I'll wait, and if it doesn't come out I'm just not getting a 3DS at all.

*crosses arms*

Your move Nintendo.