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Japan: Where does Aracde and PC [Internet Cafe] Gaming fit alongside Mobile & Home Console?

In Japan (or what we as non Japanese can assume is), Its seems the narrative at the moment is home console gaming is gone (Sony, inb4 people calling this 'Sony slandering") , Nintendo Switch is benefiting from being a handheld, and Mobile gaming on smartphones are king

What or PC, and more intresting to me, Arcade gaming and Internet cafe?

Does anyone have any info on how well those game, in this case arcade cabinets, do?

For arcade games e that are online, what's the playerbase like?

What of Internet cafe, what's PC game is booming there (im assuming Phantast Star Online 2)

Does Aracde do better than home console in Japan?
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Scotty W

The arcades are slowly shrinking. Most of the games are a few years old. There is no comparison with console or mobile, unfortunately.


All i heard is that arcade is dying, or at least it got a pretty big hit because covid, and Sega closed down some of the most iconic places they had.

Internet cafes should be fine, as some ppl pretty much live in internet cafe cubicles.

They aren't dying yet, but the type of games supporting the market and taking over has changed a bit. Though some are being permanently shut down right now sadly.
Worth a read:
Arcades in japan have less to do with the arcade games and more to do with everything else....arcades usually have 3-4 floors...you have your UFO catcher floor, your arcade game floor ( mostly fighting games), you may have a second arcade game floor....these either contain some retro games or the big sit in arcade machines as well your dance dance music game stuff. Then theres a floor for the electronic card/horse racing type games.

The arcade is more about the overall experience of going with people then it is the standalone games being played.

That being said Sega and Ikebukuro is closing...which is a huge sign for how bad it is with Covid.

Maybe if Japan did something like say ...i dont know....aknowledge us thousands of workers still waiting with our coe's to get in....or i dont know...found a way to open up to tourism again....japans economy is kinda screwed....places are closing left and right
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