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News Rumor Japanese Manga Artist Suehiro Maruo teases at more SILENT HILL CONTENT.


Jan 22, 2020
Kanye's Kitchen
Text extracted from Article via 'RelyOnHorror':

So while we’ve all been coming down from the hype surrounding the reveal of a new Silent Hill DLC for Dead by Daylight, there was apparently another small bit of hype that appeared today. Recall the story of Suehiro Maruo, a Japanese manga artist who specializes in horror, who recently visited Konami HQ and made some cryptic Instagram teases. More specifically, Maruo posted an image of a sign reading Silent Hills, which set ablaze a number of fan conspiracy theories and hype that something could be happening. We’ve previously reported on a leak we were told regarding the future of the Silent Hill franchise, and that the series would indeed return as a PlayStation 5 exclusive, and it’s interesting that this tease followed it so closely.

Well, Maruo is back to Instagram again today, following the Silent Hill/Dead by Daylight crossover reveal — and has a new tease for us (as spotted by Reddit user u/AmuseiTheLizard). Re-posting a video uploaded by user @playertwo_paris of the new Dead by Daylight trailer as an Instagram story, Maruo had three words for us, and they couldn’t be shorter or sweeter:

Feel free to delete this thread if it's been covered already but this is great news, especially seeing as Maruo has hinted at Silent Hill in the past, with him going to Konami's studios earlier this year, is Silent Hill PS5 almost upon us Gaffers?



Dec 17, 2018
Silent Hill: Scary AF pinball?
LET'S GO!!!!!!!

.....I wonder which console.
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Plague Doctor

Mar 23, 2015
"I see that Pachinko machine in my dreams. It's available in that small resort town Silent Hill."

Please be a real SH game
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