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Japanese Music (Pop, rock and all 'dat) |OT|


the あめとかんむり album is out in a couple of weeks and has a track featuring Hachigatsu, which pleases me greatly for some reason. clip here


Came back for this. Can't get the discord link to work, but just signed up for discord for this so maybe I'm dumb; is it expired?

Twitter is @BillButterswort . It's really just a dummy account for following; don't tweet myself.

Also just ordered new Keyakizaka single; chose Type D because lots of my faves on the cover.

In non-idol news, listened to the Hitsujibungaku album twice today. Amazing.

It is indeed expired. Can someone who hasn't suicided create another tagged link?


I would like a discord invite if that's where everyone is going. I was a lurker because I'm too shy to post but I would like to join your discord group.


I'm pretty sure that we will be moving to the new forum that is being set up.
But it will be a process which will be easier to join up with if we are already part of one of these discord communities.


Can someone please message me a link to the discord? This is my favorite OT thread, and I'd hate not having it in my life anymore.
I'm confused what's happening in this thread tbh.

This is the one thread I frequently visit and I wouldn't want to lose contact with you all who post here.
This thread has helped influence my musical tastes, and I can say I've learned about a ton of great artists thanks to you guys. I'd love to continue the discussion if someone is willing to invite me to the discord.


Neat. I'm already part of another discord group which is getting organized for the jump so guess I'll probably see you all there if the discords remain shut till then.
Checking in for an invite as well. If y'all are moving over to the new site, I'll see you there anyways, but a Discord would be useful to have too!


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Ok, I need help finding an artist and song. All I remember from the MV is the single female artist wearing jeans? and a bunch of women dressed in white dresses?, they varied in ages. They were all standing in a grassy river side area i think. I know it's vague as hell but I just looked back 20 pages in this thread trying to find it with no luck lol. Thanks for any suggestions guys.

So this post was from a while ago, and I made an account because I thought I knew what the answer was. Little did I know how long it takes for an account to get approved. Not sure if you ever figured it out on your own, but here it is anyways.


Everything matches the description except the difference in outfit color.
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