Japanese reporter died after clocking 159 hours of overtime

I don't like charging time to the client if I'm not working on a client. If I was paying someone per hour for a job, I would want them to charge me based on how much work they put in.
Well, I am not saying to slack off at work. I usually don't use my phone much for private things at work but if I just check out some news for a few minutes, I don't really time it.
In the end of the day, I just roughly subtract some time for my breaks (like going out for a smoke) so everything is fair and square.

Still, most other white collar jobs usually have downtimes, something you barely get doing consulting/assurance. And to be honest, most of the time wasted is because the client is doing some shit so I don't feel like I have to spent every paid second worrying about their stuff.
Uh... Aren't they breaking the law then? You're only allowed to work 28 hours a week if you're there on a student visa :p
I originally came to Japan on a WHV which I don't believe has hour limits, then on a student visa the 28 hours thing doesn't apply during "breaks".
Honestly though I don't really think any body actually follows these student visa limits.
Pretty much every person from Nepal I've met for example works like 2 jobs, doing overnight 10 hour shifts. There is no way these people are only doing 28 hours.
I worked close to 100 hours of OT at my job in the last month and I can attest that it's absolutely awful. Not just the physical toll either , the mental toll is the worst.

Thankfully I'm on a 3 day weekend now which should help.
Do maybe 2-4 hours more per week at my job.
They may as well build tiny living cubes next to there desk. What's the point of working so many hours cause your not spending the money.
There are many companies that would be on board with that idea, if they didn't have to take on further legal responsibility. Ironically, the threat of civil lawsuit (exposure as its named) is probably the only thing keeping some of these companies from pushing into that vein.
I've... Had months where I worked more overtime than this woman. Huh.

Don't know about other countries but American OTR truck drivers routinely work up to 70 hours a week
I've had months where I'd work 80 hour weeks for the entire month. It was engineering stuff. Fortunately I only do that for one or two months at a time.