Jared Kushner named person of interest in Russian investigation

honestly this dude has been pulling way too many strings, who the fuck even is he besides Ivanka's husband
Son of a really rich family, and his dad was prosecuted by Chris Christie if I recall correctly.

Is he the first person who has actually been named in this investigation? Even Flynn, Manafort, and Carter Page have not been named as a POI.
I once said that Trump winning was the worst thing that could happen to him (and us, and the world), but I didn't imagine the shockwave it would cause for those around him. Fantastic.
Lol. People saying Ivanka and Jared are voices of reason, whatch them be the fucking masterminds of the Russian shit. I'm more and more believing Trump is just too fucking stupid to realize what's happening around him and if that's the case, this would make too much sense. And also be so sad.
That would be one heckuva plot twist.
Damn, we might not of been napping after all and were just busy setting the traps. All the while we could of just been napping and left the gate open lol.


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I'm legit surprised at the people shocked that it's Kushner of all people. Like, wasn't his father involved in some shit back in the day?
Everything, the campaign, all of it was to get us here. Trump wanted to destroy the man who has the one thing he wants that his money can't buy.
You also know that Bannon has to have been in Trump's ear since the Comey firing blew up in his face, telling Trump how he saw it all coming and how Trump should be listening to him now and not that idiot Jared.