Jason Kenney's UCP wins majority government in Alberta, Canada


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Mar 4, 2019
Former federal cabinet minister Jason Kenney’s United Conservative Party has won a majority in Alberta’s provincial election, unseating Rachel Notley and ushering in a return to the centre-right for the province.

Kenney’s victory follows an often heated 28-day-long political slugfest, dominated by name calling and personal attacks, allegations of voter fraud and even a last-minute RCMP search of a UCP candidate’s office.
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People are really upset on Twitter right now.



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Apr 25, 2009
Was there for work last year and the locals I spoke to were pissed about the pipeline. Reckon that played a big part in it?
Not surprising ucp won the ndp has done really nothing to improve things here, if anything made things worse with the idiotic carbon tax.
NDP winning in 2015 was an anomaly, people wanted a change but didn't think about the repercussions of that emotional vote.
Curious though if ucp will get any traction tho, they want to play hardball with the provinces that want to fight pipeline expansion, using transfer payments as a bargaining tool worked well for winning over albertans again but probably pissed off the center of the universe (Ontario and Quebec)
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Feb 13, 2012
I mean, of course they won. Alberta has elected a Conservative majority for like 80 years straight. The NDP only won last election because the two main conservative parties split the vote (they had over 50% between them). So when those two parties combined to form one party, why would anyone expect anything else other than a Conservative victory?
I'm interested to see how they govern though. They're talking about stopping the carbon tax etc but I don't see how they could possibly do that. It is out of the province's power is it not?