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Jason Schreier: Beyond Good & Evil 2 is still in pre-production after at least five years of development.


There is a dude on another forum saying he knows the guy doing the music for the game and said it's true.

Of course the poster could be lying but says he has nothing to gain from lying in a small forum so I guess just take it as you want.

No problem, dude. I'd love to be a fly on the wall during their status meetings.


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Development hell. This game is never coming out.

How can you still be in pre-production after FIVE years? The fuck are you doing all day?

"Hang on guys, lemme finish this real quick and we'll stop proper development on Beyond. They really should get another team to play test Valhalla, but they want to 'keep costs down' whatever that means,"
There isn't "a guy" doing the music for the game. AAA games have a big team. In fact in this one they have a lot of radios with tons of songs and even some of them being made by fans.

I can't say who I know and what I know but you'd be surprised. xD
He may know one of the musicians.

Anyways, I assume you have inside knowledge of the game and if it's actually past pre-production, that's cool.

Jason Schreier is The Worm That Walks. Not surprising he is misinforming people or outright lying.


What a joke.

They should have gone with a new 2D rayman game instead of this nostalgia baiting hot mess.


"Beyond whaaaat? Oh, right, yeah, yeah, we'll get to it." (Ho-ley fack Bob, pushy eh? Am I right)
"Yeah, we're just try'n tah nail the art and stuff, it's a process"
(Good one Fred, I think they bought it)
They should just rename it. The few of us who actually played BG&E and are still gaming didn't ask for this. Game ended on a cliffhanger FFS and Ubisoft responds with a prequel 20 years later.


This game is unlikely to ever be released.
It simply doesn't fit with Ubisoft's direction which is not about great single player games as this should be.
They probably tried to turn it into GaaS multiplayer but the ending result was so bad they had to reboot it multiple times. They are going to give up imo considering that the original wasn't this huge seller even back then.
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Nothing but vaporware. Is anyone even excited about this?


Nothing but vaporware. Is anyone even excited about this?
Hard to say, the only thing we know about this game (aside for being stuck in development hell) is that it's trying its damn hardest to NOT resemble the original in any way, shape or form.


Guess it's a PS6 game.


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There will not be any creativity without Michel Ancel. That guy was the French Miyamoto.
comparing the track record of these 2 is like putting a morbidly obese person right next to Usain Bolt and yelling "run".
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comparing the track record of these 2 is like putting a morbidly obese person right next to Usain Bolt and yelling "run".
Well there are plenty of tiny countries in the Olympics that don't have a shot at a medal, but they're happy to be there. The French would be one of the tiny countries in the gaming Olympics. Ancel created Rayman and Beyond Good and Evil, which puts him in creative visionary territory in my book.
Knew the game was in trouble a few E3s back when they trotted out and declared that they were gonna let the public help develop the game.

Basically, BG&E2 just never really got buy-in from the higher-ups in Ubisoft, so they never really prioritised giving the project the resources needed to finish the game.
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