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Jason Schreier's industry sources: PS5 is superior in ways that Sony has not communicated yet


Jan 8, 2012

Why are you guys hell bent on ignoring the tittle that says:

The most powerful console ever

It's also their most powerful Xbox. Why are people cherry picking one statement over the other? Both statements are correct.


Mar 21, 2019
There was and still is a noticeable difference, beyond just a lower resolution, in many games on base XBox One vs base PS4. I am glad the difference shouldn’t be as big in multi-plats next gen.

I never thought so. I was gaming on at least 1440p 60fps ultra on PC so the petty differences between 900-1080p just seemed like almost nothing. My PC wasn't even that great either and showed massive differences. Double the fps almost always, so imo compared to a few frames between them, meh. But I guess if you only game on console maybe.
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Jun 6, 2019
Do Jason Schrier’s inside sources include the payroll department at Sony?

I don’t have a dog in this fight because I’ve never given a shit about technical nitty gritty and I usually end up buying all the systems each gen anyway. It’s just funny how Schrier is barely trying to hide what he is anymore.

All game “journalists” are this way. Fancy shill PR regurgitators.

He just sucks at hiding it.
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Dec 29, 2018
That is when the PS3 outsold the Xbox 360.

Outselling is for, when, in a frame of time, the PS3 was actively selling more units than Xbox 360. In our case between 2007 and 2013.

I found this chart with sales. A bit incomplete, but it's good enough. Here you can see how sometimes Xbox 360 is outselling PS3 and sometimes is the other way around. But in the end, PS3 was outselling more often. You can also notice, how after 2010, both PS3 and 360, started outselling the Wii but they never outsold it.

I remembered something about 360 underperforming compared to Microsoft's expectations (10 million), but I wasn't sure about the number and where search for it. So I found it easier to "throw" the 10 million number. Sorry. :messenger_grinning_sweat:
Point taken. I may have got my wires crossed so thank you for the correction.
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Jan 10, 2018
They already confirmed their drip-feed marketing strategy a while ago.

Pushing this false narrative that Sony revealed everything and has nothing left to show is disingenous.
No ones pushing that but when revealing a console one would expect them to showcase alleged “features” instead of high school furries


Suffers from extreme PDS
Oct 24, 2017
That is what happens when the most respected video game journalist can't even write a "Hello World!" program in Python.

It’s obvious which “journalists” are paid shills and which ones aren’t. We’ve been hearing this stuff for months from the same cast of characters even though we have the specs in front of us and everything we’ve seen so far hasn’t been game changing or unbelievable in the slightest. SSD this, SSD that, revolutionary IO, so easy to develop on and what we’ve seen so far is a bunch of current gen looking games and a console that’s much larger while having less storage, a weaker GPU and a weaker CPU.

But the Cerny magic right? Boggles the mind.
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Jul 10, 2020
Talk about track record :messenger_fire:

Edit - I won’t necro another thread but he said not just one time.

JASON: Yes, exactly. The number everyone's looking at is teraflops, which is essentially the maximum speed that a graphics card can run at. I believe it stands for floating point operations per second. So everybody's now seeing this spec sheet and they see PS5, 10.2 teraflops, and Xbox Series X, 12 teraflops. And it's like, oh my god, the Xbox is more powerful than the PlayStation. But meanwhile, the people I've been talking to over the past few months and the past couple years who are actually working on the PlayStation have pretty much unanimously all said: This thing is a beast. This thing is one of the coolest pieces of hardware that we've ever seen, we've ever used before. There are so many things here that are revolutionary, so many behind-the-scenes tools and features, APIs, and all sorts of other stuff that is way beyond my scope of comprehension. This is why I'm a reporter, and not an engineer.

PS5 :lollipop_fire:


May 1, 2010
The thing is this is not true , we aknowledge that the ps5 has a better ssd, and possibly better sound system but overall the xsx is the more powerful hardware, where the difference is not insignificant.

There are some sony fans that are still in denial, and for whatever crazy reason can not bear the reality the xsx is the more powerful machine.

At first what this will result in is the xsx will perform better in crossgen game.

Take cyberpunk 2077 for example, the xsx + ps5 version may have a performance mode and a graphics mode, in the graphics mode I suspect both versions will be 4k 30fps, but settings like ray tracing will be of higher quality on the xsx, xsx may have other settings slightly higher too.
In performance mode on the xsx its 1440p @ 60fps but on ps5 its either lower res or lower settings.



Dec 23, 2013
Oooh, so mysterious. Our console is better in so many ways, you just can’t tell and we’re not revealing. Like our HDMI 2.1 connection which may or may not be at HDMI 2.1 performance levels, so mysterious, right??
Mar 27, 2020
Uncharted bunghole
Oooh, so mysterious. Our console is better in so many ways, you just can’t tell and we’re not revealing. Like our HDMI 2.1 connection which may or may not be at HDMI 2.1 performance levels, so mysterious, right??

They didn't reveal everything about the PS5 but it seems like it's doing just fine to me. Microsoft talked alot about the XSXs power and even revealed alot about the hardware. But look at what's happening to the system.

In the end what really matters are the games.


Apr 12, 2020
Oooh, so mysterious. Our console is better in so many ways, you just can’t tell and we’re not revealing. Like our HDMI 2.1 connection which may or may not be at HDMI 2.1 performance levels, so mysterious, right??

Since the machine can do 4k 120fps HDR just fine as being demonstrated literally every moment of every day ... whats your problem?