Jeremy Soule, composer of Elder Scrolls soundtrack, has been accused of rape by Nathalie Lawhead


Mar 16, 2009
Complex question fallacy in the form of an Appeal to Ridicule. You have a huge talent of unknowingly combining fallacies without much effort.

not touching the rest of the discussion. it's too dumb
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Jun 26, 2013

not touching the rest of the discussion. it's too dumb
"Everyone uses fallacies. Therefore, it's fine to use them in arguments" or as I like to call it, "Tu quoque, the Bitter Blog Post".


Apr 19, 2018
This is such a dangerous and ignorant stance to have over how rape victims behave in crisis. You should study up on how both women and men stay with their abusers because they feel like they have no life outside of the relationship, or are afraid of their lives if they do go to the police.
Being afraid of someone doing you harm when you go to police is legitimate reason but alas very very rare.
Being afraid of losing your lifestyle is what i am talking here.

If economical motives take priority over your own well being then you are a hooker.
I doubt any hooker would want to do their job if they would have access to better money without sex.

While fear over your own economical well being is real it is not under any circumstance excuse to being abused.
If that wasn't true then any girl working at low wage shouldn't be able to refuse sex with random people if they only have shown a little bit of cash.

This is the same reason why i absolutely don't care when bunch of hollywood actresses get shagged by some rich fuck. Because all they have seen in their eyes were dollar bills so they sold themselves like common hookers. I doubt if Harvey went to McDonalds and would ask ladies there for blowjob he would get one.
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