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Jim Ryan talks pricing, cloud and exclusivity


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How do you know this?
Take a look at the development cycles and who are credited.
Demon's Souls it's Shuhei's baby, his last 2 pushes were DeS and GoT, you can track his interviews before the games where even announced where he talks and even share some clues as to what games he was excited for.
Team Asobi it's been tasked with showcasing the hardware since PSVR days, another strike of luck born during Shuhei's days, the team was formed after the whole "japan studio it's not performing" thing when they changed the President of it.

I really don't care to look for quotes and sources, so take this as you wish, but all of this was out there and all this insights on how WWS worked stopped coming out once the management started to shift to the west. Who knows if Hulst and Ryan are gonna be better than the team before them, but this is the first time when PS has committed resources of WWS to make crossgen tittles.
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