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Jim Sterling comes out on top as lawsuit with Digital Homicide dismissed


Oct 27, 2013
In a post on his website, The Jimquisition, Sterling said his lawyer, Bradley Hartman had convinced Romine of the folly of his action.

"For those curious about this resolution, I was not a direct part of the communication between Romine and my lawyer, but as I understand it, the agreement to drop the suit with prejudice was the result of Hartman's enviable reasoning ability," Sterling said.

"The plaintiff agreed to drop his case after my lawyer explained exactly what would happen if this went to court and how we would respond.

"That it got as far as it did, went on for as long as it did, is atrocious - especially when this is a case that amounts to a game developer wanting to silence a game critic."

A clearly emotionally exhausted Sterling said he was pleased with the resolution, but still concerned it was able to get as far as it did.

"While the accusations found within the lawsuit are farcical and definitively veer into comedy territory - as we'll find out when I go through it in detail at a later date - the existence of it is simply grotesque," he said.

"That you can be made to spend that much money and effort defending yourself from spurious claims should be a worrying prospect for anybody whose job involves saying things that some people aren't going to like."

It looks like digital homicide are a shady key reseller now