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Social Opinion Drama Jim Sterling : Screw Apple, Screw Google, And Screw Epic Games


incest on the subway
Jan 2, 2007
....aaaand EPIC will still be hypocrite, and Google will still be evil. There are no good sides here and we, as consumers, only get to lose. =(
Actually you get to win, the products will keep getting made, the services will keep getting offered and you'll still have the final choice in whether or not you buy any of it.
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Oct 30, 2018
It doesn't matter if Jim "adds" anything to the conversation. You don't, and neither do I. The important thing is that is that the conversation is being had. Their are lot of people out there who would prefer if it wasn't being made at all, or who would perfer that if it were, it wouldn't involve their company of choice.

Jim says a lot of stupid shit, but he is consistent, and I appreciate that. I'm not offended that he reminds people how the sausage is made.

And can we please we stop pretending about another big reason he is hated here.

You’re on a video game message board, brother. This shit is getting talked about by all of us, all the time. Jim is a drop in the ocean. If I reach the same conclusion independent of Jim and post something here is it a conversation or no? Is it the same if Colin Moriarty does it on his podcast too? Jim is not some sole ray of sunshine for consumer protection and he’s not the only one talking about these things.
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May 11, 2018
I am amazed at how poor reading comprehension is on this forum.

You people routinely see shit that isn't there and get and get angry at it.

More proof that he just gets his content from Era/GAF etc. He just made a video about how scummy 505 games is with the Control UE PS5 upgrade.

We already talked about this at lenght here and hundreds of posts about this at ERA too. Why do we need him again?