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JJ Abrams opens up about why he decided to direct IX and his strategy for IX!!!! MUST SEE (Rian Johnson info inside)


Sep 4, 2018
what does Rian do? Blame it on Russian trolls

lol yes the study that analyzed like 11 Tweets and came to the conclusion that Russia was hacking Star Wars. based off 11 tweets. many sites ran with this bullshit rumor. because there is no way on earth that 11 people in Russia would see the movie and tweet at the director. not for a movie this big, seen by billions of people around the world. it's just impossible.

look, the movie was divisive as hell. even libcorporate media worshipping ResetEra had a poll where nearly half the respondents rated it "not good".

saying that Disney is making a lot of money doesn't prove anything other than "capitalism works".
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