Joe Rogan & Anthony Cumina discuss the truths behind Proud Boys/Gavin

Feb 22, 2018
Gavin is a libertarian/leftist. He got McDonalded (reference to how mcdonalds was stolen from two bros by a money hungry venture capitalist) from Vice by a guy he hired to handle accounts and expansion. Gavin is also a troll and possibly an asshole. I can see how he would get so many knickers in a twist with his politically incorrect 60's style hippy antics.
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Aug 17, 2018
I like Gavin and his group of friends. They really rustle some jimmies and if the deep state hates them then they must be doing something right.

Classifying them as terrorists? The same US deep state that sides with and creates terrorist organisations all over the globe? Nobody buys the shit your selling.


Oct 11, 2017
lol, Joe Rogan is a nazi now?
The ideology of the far-left is..
1. Anyone giving a platform to people they seem as Nazis are in turn sympathizers and/or Nazis too.
2. Anyone acting as a moderate is in turn to a sympathizer and/or Nazi

Since Joe has had Gavin, Peterson, Milo etc.. on the show he has now been accused and labeled as a sympathizer and/or Nazi.
Apr 27, 2018
That was interesting, but I have a contention.

I didn't learn about the proud boys until unite the right rally. Boom. You gotta work extra hard to disassociate from that. I didn't learn they were anti-antifa until half a year later.

Also he's spinning on 25k rims here.
Wasn't Unite the Right a mixture of all right-wingers? Most weren't doing racist things.