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John Dean to testify Mueller report allegations 'strikingly like Watergate'


... and he cannot lie
Feb 21, 2018

Former Nixon White House counsel John Dean said Monday that he will testify that President Trump's alleged obstruction of justice is "strikingly like Watergate" when he appears before a congressional panel examining special counsel Robert Mueller's report.
Dean, a key player in toppling Richard Nixon's presidency, told CNN ahead of the House Judiciary Committee hearing that he hopes to provide context around the allegations in the Mueller report.

"I'm clearly not a fact witness, but hope I can give them some context and show them how strikingly like Watergate what we're seeing now and as reported in the Mueller report is," Dean said.
Dean said there are several examples in Mueller's report relating to obstruction of justice that parallel Watergate.
When asked which example is the most apt comparison, Dean said there are "too many."
Dean said Nixon and Trump were both "hands on, very early."
He also noted Trump's firing of former FBI Director James Comey and Nixon's interference with an FBI investigation.
Trump has publicly maintained his position that there was "no obstruction" even calling out Dean as a "sleazebag attorney" on Twitter Sunday.
LOL who else are the democrats going to dig up? What relevance does this have to do with anything? Watergate was what 40 years ago. Just Dems searching for more headlines, see the watergate guy says Trump is like Nixon impeach him!

How about they exhume Andrew Johnson and have him testify from beyond the grave to talk about his impeachment.


Apr 28, 2019
What a waste of time. The house democrats are still trying to make a case for why the American people need to do impeachment. Their big hitters like Michael Cohen failed to move public opinion on Trump, so now they are bringing in a convicted liar and fraud from 40 years ago hoping he would move the needle. This guy went to prison and has been doing commentaries for money, all that he is qualified to do. He'll say anything as long as it brings him attention.

The house democrats know that Trump's supporters are not going to listen to anything they bring up. They lost all credibility when Mueller officially concluded no collusion, which anyone with a brain already knew. The independents don't want Trump gone, he's doing great for them since the economy is so good. The only lunatics who want impeachment are the extreme left.
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Apr 15, 2018
This is pathetic.

"Trump is guilty of a crime even though he didn't actually commit a crime."


Sep 4, 2018
not a fact witness lol

"my opinion means jack squat but let me give it anyways"
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Darkness no more
Mar 5, 2009
Why does this guy’s opinion matter? Why does anyone care about him comparing the Mueller report to a 50 year old crime that isn’t the same? It’s Monday. Why don’t they do some real work.
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Dec 3, 2013
The know its bullshit. What they want is countless headlines containing the words Trump and Watergate. Nothing more, nothing less.
Yet Trump was not the one spying on another's campaign.

Projection, projection, projection.
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Jun 17, 2013
Seriously? Why should I care in the slightest about this guy's opinion? I have no love of Trump, and can even entertain that what was revealed might amount to obstruction, but why is this guy being dragged out? This reeks of the Dem's trying to play PR instead of actually dealing with the facts of the case.
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Jun 13, 2014

I'm starting to believe that some Democrats may have genuinely convinced themselves that the President should be impeached. I've made a point to stop reading and watching media outlets that lied about Russian collusion, so I may be out of the loop. But I assumed the Impeachsters just desperately hoped more investigations will eventually uncover something. Or that they're doing this to troll conservatives and bait them into saying something crazy out of frustration. But now it seems some of them have officially moved to crazytown and don't intend on leaving anytime soon:

In stark contrast, it’s almost impossible today to find a Democrat who doesn’t agree on substantive grounds that Donald Trump deserves to be impeached. Many thought so even before Robert Mueller released the report detailing his findings, but the rest certainly do now, after Mueller laid out not only how Trump sought and welcomed help from the Russian government to win the 2016 election but the repeated attempts he made to obstruct the investigation.
This can't be real, right? Mueller said no Americans worked with Russia. Does taking joy at your opponent getting trashed by her own words leaking out somehow make you a criminal? Negotiating with an investigation now means you're obstructing justice?

I've been thinking lately that we don't live in a real democracy anymore. A large portion of the country actually wants to live in a country where the upper class has the authority to remove a fairly elected President.

This is another explanation for the push:

The blue state dems want impeachment, because they'll get primaried by extremists if they let up. The red and purple state dems can't because their voters will kick them out for looking like they're crazy. This party is such a shit show.

Donald Trump is a rude person. He sometimes says mean things. He still has a lot to learn about politics and government. But can any freethinking liberal honestly make the case that you would prefer the current Democratic leadership over Trump? These people are insane. They don't want democracy. And they don't inspire much confidence that they could effectively wield the government.
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