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John Mix Meyer, aka JSnake, aka Zane, has passed away.

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Hi GAF. I wanted to let you know that John Mix Meyer - Mix to his friends and family, but who posted here as JSnake when he was a teenager and Zane over the last 5 years or so - passed away earlier this week. Since 2010 he had contributed pieces to Wired. He was, I believe, 23 years old.

I imagine this probably comes as a surprise. Mix had incredibly serious health problems all his life. He was on constant life support and had 24/7 nursing. At 23, he had outlived all of the doctors' expectations, but absent some miracle it was just a matter of time before his body gave out.

He didn't talk about this on GAF or anywhere. GAF was where he wasn't in a wheelchair, wasn't hooked up to a giant machine. etc. I'm sure you understand. Writing about games on the Internet was very important to him. He didn't have time to wait around for his "turn." He was a gifted writer, and could have accomplished so much. If you read his stories, followed him on Twitter or chatted with him here, I'm sure he appreciated that connection more than you know.

Anyway. I thought you all should know. I can't imagine what it's like to live your life just straight up staring death in the face the whole time. He did everything he could with the time that he had, and I thought you should know. He was a brilliant kid.


Man that sucks. It's awesome that he lived past all expectations and was able to contribute to many places I visit. I wasn't familiar with his work but RIP.


Damn, RIP.

Glad he was able to make the most of his talent and prove estimates wrong, as it must be tough living with what is basically a death sentence.


Damn, I talked with him a couple times on Steam chat. He seemed like a cool guy.

Man, that thread he made about not being able to find a job a while back makes so much more sense now. :(

Rest in peace, John.


Oh my God. :( I was a close friend of his and knew about his health struggles, but I didn't realize things were quite this bad. Damn. I remember when he and I got press access from Nintendo and a bunch of other companies around the same time. Wow... unbelievable. :'( RIP, my friend.


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I didn't know him personally, but ive seen his name around the board several times, RIP man.


I had a very long conversation with him about two years ago in the GAF specific twitch chat for AGDQ. He was a cool guy and will be missed. RIP.

It's inspiring to read what a strong-willed person he surely must have been. Thoughts to his family and friends, they must be incredibly proud of him for accomplishing what he did.


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Bright young guy and pleasant in every interaction I had with him. Glad he was able to make the most of the time he had.


I remember JSnake, though I wasn't familiar with Zane. Regardless, he always struck me as a nice person from his posts.

Considering he was only 23, and had so much other stuff going on his life, I'm amazed that he managed to contribute writing that was good enough to be on Wired. What a talented and motivated young man.



It is, but what do you expect us to do about it now?
Plus, it looks like the JSnake account was abandoned around the time Zane was registered.
Let it be.

Was just curious because I wasn't sure if you could abandon an account for a new one. I remembered JSnake not being a poster that would cause problems.
I guess he knew his time on this Earth was limited so hopefully he's in a better place now!


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I remember JSnake. Didn't talk a lot but saw him post quite a bit on the gaming side. Was a real cool dude. Absolutely heartbreaking to hear this. R.I.P. :(


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The name is super familiar, and I can't recall if he was the JSnake that was on my PSN friendslist many moons ago, but this is sad, sad news.



JSnake and I never saw eye to eye, he called me a convoluted enigma, and I thought he was growing as a writer, but tried to take too much on... Now I know why. :(

Over the years I knew him, I never raced against a more formidable and skilled Mario Kart DS player, or debated with someone about 1up or Nintendo with as much passion and learned points like him. When I got perma'd, he was one of the first to reach out to me. Though we couldn't be more different, he was a decent person and respected others, even when we on GAF and moderation at the time made fun of him for being homeschooled with that infamous tag.

Seems like he was passionate about writing about games, and I am glad he had a chance to contribute. Much respect to him, and he will be missed by me.

Every time I snake on Sky Garden, I will think of him, Rest in peace buddy.
Rest in peace, John. You lived more bravely than I ever could. It's one thing to die young, but to be terminally ill... I can't even imagine.
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