Jonathan Blow Criticizes MS’s Claim of Increasing Servers to 300K, Calls It A Lie!


this was interesting, he doesn't know for sure either way and is guessing/assuming so please don't take this as fact...

There was a report last week where Microsoft claimed that the Xbox One will become more powerful with the use of cloud services. Blow thinks this is bullshit and in a series of tweets he criticizes Microsoft’s business strategy for the Xbox One.

In another tweet he questions the business strategy for Xbox One and he does not like when companies lie contemptuously.

He further claims that each of the servers are actually virtual and he himself can can make 10,000 servers per host. Apparently, he thinks this is all a lie. (For your information: In Virtual Servers, multiple customers are hosted together on a single server and each of them share the total resources. This is unlike the dedicated server where each customer is allocated a set number of resources which is normally more compared to a Virtual server).

However, there is no confirmation on whether Microsoft will be using virtual servers, so we have to go by what Blow says above.

He does make sense in many ways though. What if your internet connection goes off and you are disconnected to the cloud? Will the Xbox One be able to render advance physics or other complex simulations in such a scenario? Many such confusing questions remain. Let’s hope that Microsoft clears the dust at E3.

Is he onto something or just allowing his general hate for MS cloud his opinion/objectivity?
To be fair, there's no way all of Azure will be available for the XbOne, and hence their claim of 300,000 servers is questionable as a result. (I'm not entirely convinced Azure has 300,000 real servers in the first place).
He's right 300k servers probably doesn't mean 300k physical servers. Then 300k virtual servers doesn't say much when you don't know how powerful they are.

You can split a physical server in as many virtual ones as you want...

What is sure is he'll probably get a golden PS One too.
i mean they can still count how many physical blades they have in their racks but i kinda doubt they're going to dedicate 300,000 just to xbox services

and if they did, so what? it's not going to make the process of sticking cloud processing in your game development pipeline any easier

they still haven't said how much this would cost developers to begin with, and with budgets so tight i doubt anyone will be wanting to pay an ongoing server rental fee for the life of their game so there can be prettier lighting in their levels
It really is funny the press just took this claim without question. People who understand this tech will immediately know Microsoft's claims are dubious at best.
Wow he's been on the offensive towards MS in a big way. I'm not exactly a big supporter of MS myself, but what did they do to get him so bluntley upset with them?
and in any case there's nobody stopping developers from using amazon ECC to do the same thing in wii u or ps4 games

or pc/ps3/wii/360 games for that matter
300,000 servers is true; after all something has to power the HALO tv series, as movie codecs arnt included in the box but instead their in the servers (HD resolutions only available for gold members).
I agree, the whole cloud thing sounds suspect, but I think it makes sense to not through shade at a potential business partner like MS. Unless... He has no intention of making games for them anymore...
The cloud talk is BS but how are these guys like blow and notch getting so much attention? They made 1 or 2 games each and they are not that good except for minecraft which I consider a lucky accident.
They did say that the servers have more processing power than all of 1999. I figure if you really wanted to, you could figure out roughly how many servers that would take.
Wow he's been on the offensive towards MS in a big way. I'm not exactly a big supporter of MS myself, but what did they do to get him so bluntley upset with them?
There are a lot of people very upset about the anti-consumer DRM built into the Xbox One, and Microsoft spinning complete bullshit about "the cloud" increasing the system power 4x isn't really helping to win hearts and minds.


gave away the keys to the kingdom.
Is The Witness still going to be a timed exclusive?
I believe the plan is to release the PS4 and PC versions simultaneously while the iOS version may come a little later. I'm not sure where the Xbox One falls into the equation as, back in February, Blow mentioned that he didn't have "good communication" with anybody at Microsoft and hadn't been "disclosed on their next console". You don't have to read between the lines to see that he couldn't get his hands on a devkit.

Edit: Misremembered slightly. Fixed.
Well that isn't suprising.

When i worked in Fujitsu-Siemens they had this awesome flex servers which were all about virtualization. (that was like 2008-2009)

Non virtualized severs are simply worse in therm of economics. Virtualization also doesn't mean that every server will be shitty. With virtualization you can deliver power to each server which requires it and those servers that are idle or have low ussage power is scaled down.

I would be surprised if something like this isn't already used by MS

300k physical severs sure looks like bs story but that can't be really verified by rumors since MS is big fucking software company.