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Julian Assange (Wikileaks) loses Supreme Court appeal, will be extradited to Sweden

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Black Canada Mafia
having sex with a woman when she says no is rape bro

not sorta rape

not clown rape

not saudi rape

rape rape

That's... not quite what the accusations are here though. Albeit, I don't think he's blameless (he seems to lack a certain amount of empathy) - the rape accusations are more along the lines of him not using a condom, or not wanting to use a condom. What makes it more complicated is - one of the victims claims he did eventually use a condom in the pertaining encounter, this is the one where he gripped her arms preventing her from using them and laid ontop of her (while they were conducting in consented sexual activity) - the claim seems to be now that she feels like he might have fiddled with the condom in advance.

The other girl was 'half asleep' and he started doing stuff to her without a condom, she didn't say no or anything at the time, but she felt like he took advantage of her 'half asleep' state to get to have sex with her without a condom - this one didn't even want to accuse him of rape, she originally just wanted to force him to take an STD test.
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