July Wrasslin' |OT| All this G1 talk is making me Climax.

According to PWinsider.com, World Association of Wrestling (WAW), the promotion owned by Paige’s family, have announced that their world title, which was held by Alberto El Patron, has been declared vacant.
Also when they announced it was vacated, they didn't even mention it was stripped from Del Rio
Yeah, not sure how this is"SMH Vince". If you listen to the audio Dave says it was losing out to ECW's from 06
To be fair to that they just added those but yeah a brand new weekly aired show shouldn't be 18th.

It sucks but the thing is Talking Smack should be the prototype for TV promos instead of that weird network only thing.

But yeah 18th is bad.

Tried to tell yall

Bryan's gone, it's ovah
18th isn't good. Jesus.
Even if Talking Smack is ranked low, I still see no reason to get rid of it. People are watching and enjoying - even changing the time slot, people will watch it. It's not costing WWE a lot to make these shows.
I've always found the shortening of puroresu to just puro kind of weird, that'd be like us calling Pro/professional wrestling just professional or pro. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I cap out at 5 🌟

Shit, I may just watch it at work depending on how slow it is.

Also for those that watched twin peaks last night Vince McMahon needs to pick up the phone and give dougie Jones a call. He looks like a straight shooter!
Like Vince has heard of the show, knowing him you'd say Twin Peaks and he'd think you're talking about the obscure slang term for boobs.

These two seriously need to have an actual on screen partnership. It'd be really good for Nia
Seriously dumb that they just haven't been paired up.
So I was going down to Day 2 of the Mae Young Classic, but I got caught in the worst traffic jam I've ever been in south of Gainesville, FL. Took me 1 and a half hours to get to an exit I could take, and there was still 5 miles to where the road was blocked for the accident. Turns out, the band Adrenaline Mob was pulled off the road with their RV and a semi veered off and smashed into it killing one and injuring six others. By the time I had cleared it to some backroads I determined that taking the backroads down to Orlando meant I would miss over half the show. At Full Sail when they sell to capacity they can tend to over sell and I knew by that point I might not even get in with a ticket so I came on home. RIP to Adrenalin Mob's bass player.....yall stay safe on the roads.
Goddamn, I was just wonder what happened to someone here (I guess you) who was going to be there and report back. That's terrible.

Angry Grimace

Two cannibals are eating a clown. One turns to the other and says "does something taste funny to you?"
I'm going to laugh my ass off if somehow this Kurt, erm, Angle ends up with Corey hooking up with Bayley, which was seriously a proposed storyline at one point.