Just Cause 3 screenshots Leaked [Update: New microtransaction hell screenshots]

Oh man. On one hand, I seriously hope this is real - because I need more Just Cause in my life, ASAP.

On the other hand, that menu screen is giving off some serious F2P fumes.
Those diamonds scare me. They reek of free to play elements.

Just... How hard is it to just to a proper Just Cause 2 sequel? Big ass world, parachutes, and multiple grappling hooks I don't need a mod to enable.

I'm not asking for much.


I have assigned to you one day for each year its punishment will last.


EDIT: Oh God, I just saw the possible micro-transactions. Please don't do this, devs.
If there was any game or Dev that could challenge DriveClub's Beautiful Skys....it would be Avalanche Studios.....but we'll have to see...The 2nd pic looks Amazing.
The Buy/Rent thing completely replaced my hype with cautious pessimism.

Having "buy more" doesn't mean F2P, it can also mean full retail release with micro-transactions.
That'd be the worst possibility, yup. As it is I've never seen "rent" used for anything good. Except maybe Forza 5 with its free play cars, but even there I thought that was unfortunate terminology for something that had no actual cost to it.