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Justified - Season 5 - Timothy Olyphant & Walton Goggins - Tuesdays on FX

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Nice work, Niraj. Looks pretty even over the seasons in a cumulative sense, but I do understand the frustration of burning through very good character actors (Tudyk, etc...) so quickly.


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Yes, they did have guest-star-palooza at the beginning of the season, but again, I thought it calmed down after the first few episodes. I'll give it a listen later if I have time.

Well, they were mostly down on the season anyway, but hopeful for the next season.

Since I'm sick and bored (using Justified wikia so might be off here or there):
Well, the other point they made is that none of the deaths had any impact for them, that they were using a high body count to make up for the bad writing.

Feinberg had an audible eyeroll when Sepinwall dropped Baptiste's name. lol
I really, really hope Boyd gets away. Fuck Ava.

Edit: I'm really sad to see Jimmy die :(

You know, I was thinking when Jimmy died, didn't it seem like Boyd used to have a bigger crew? And ever since like season 1 he's had maybe 2-3 people tops working for him. Shouldn't a guy like Boyd have a whole organization?


You know, I was thinking when Jimmy died, didn't it seem like Boyd used to have a bigger crew? And ever since like season 1 he's had maybe 2-3 people tops working for him. Shouldn't a guy like Boyd have a whole organization?

I've been thinking the whole season that he's basically down to Jimmy and the the other guy whose name I don't even remember. It's just that I really liked Jimmy and the way he went was kinda brutal. Him crying on the phone before, tears running down his face when he sees Boyd and the cold blooded "he was" really hit me.

Anyway, I think someone else in this thread already said that Boyd would be really big if he wasn't surrounded by incompetents. We'll see how the final season goes, but I really fucking hope he makes it. My favourite scene of the finale was his reaction to robbing banks again.


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Series ends with Raylan in Jail, sharing a cell with Dewey Crowe.

"Listen Dewey Crowe, I know we've had our run-ins in the past...but I'm willing to let bygones be bygones just so long as we get one itty bitty little thing straight: I get top bunk."

"I don't understand you."


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Really, Watsky? I thought the second half of that season was really bad and went completely off the rails, BUT the first half of the season before Quarles became a little bitch was on some S2 level shit and was only bettered by, well, S2. As such I rank it in the middle.

Ya, Solo. The first half of the season was pretty decent (Ava dispensing justice with the frying pan!), I guess, but the second half was just so awful that it kind of made me hate the season as a whole.


Raylan in the hospital, bullet from Boyd in the chest same as Raylan got him. Boyd in the wind, Raylan finally retires and goes and lives with his family in Florida. Ava and Gutterson both dead to make up for the fact that they didn't have the rocks to snuff out Boyd.

Just powered through the last two episodes. Great set up for next season, but that Crowe climax really was soft. Haha, and poor Dewey Crowe.
This season really suffered from the loss of JB. I feel like the Crowe's might've been a little more of a threat with someone like him on board longer. He seemed to be a little more patient than they were, a little bit better at seeing ahead a few moves.

Also, was the Ava story line really there just to set her up to narc on Boyd next season? We had to suffer through a season of her in prison for that? That felt like a half season arc of development for her that was stretched out to a whole season.

Definitely a very complex last couple of minutes of that episode for Raylan. Seeing a feeble Art like that, having Art tell him he's going to Florida, talking to Winona and his baby, then finding out the Marshalls are going after Boyd. So many pensive looks from Raylan without him really giving us a chance to hear what he was thinking. I guess it gives a lot for them to explore for the final season. I have to admit I was pretty surprised that this finale went down without him shooting anyone.

Alison with only a tiny one line shout out in the finale. So many side characters who sucked up screen time that ended up going nowhere. If I could trade the screen time Alison or the Russian lady got for more screen time for Gutterson and Rachel I would do it in a heart beat because they stole every scene they were in this season. I mean heck, I want to know if Gutterson was popping painkillers after that shootout or if there was more to it than that!

I feel like there was more I wanted to say but now I'm drawing a blank. I will say Raylan talking to Kendall was a damn good scene.

Ahh, looks like Yost answers some of the questions I have. Will have to read.

The prison arc was there to show Ava that Boyd didn't really love her the way she thought she did. It was a wake up call.
- Grant Yost talking S5 with Vanity Fair (spoilers for Game of Thrones and a few other shows, but none for Justified)
How do you feel about it when people say this season of Justified wasn’t their favorite and how does that inform next season for you?

I guess the basic feeling is disappointment. Listen everyone works hard at their job and we’re no different. Then to have the mixed reaction is just disappointing. To be perfectly honest, it scares me a little more in terms of next year. But you can’t write scared. And just knowing the reality of all the shows that have wrapped up in the last ten years and the focus on the final, we’re going to disappoint a lot of people. But I also think we’re going to satisfy a bunch too. And the trick is to never really lose sight of our primary goal in this thing. Our mantra. Which is what would Elmore do? I think if we remember that, we’ll have a good season.

How much do you think the Internet culture that has cropped up around TV fandom, or even the interactive things you as a showrunner do like the Entertainment Weekly post-mortems, effects the fan reaction? Do you think fans feeling even more a part of the manufacture of the show makes them feel more entitled when it comes to getting the ending they want? As opposed to the St. Elsewhere and Hill Street Blues office watercooler fan?

On the one hand, it’s great that fans can get really involved and be part of the whole thing and really see how the sausage is made and still go with it. On the other hand the scrutiny is a little terrifying. Because it’s like, yeesh, one little mis-step and it can cause a big uproar. To be honest, in my TV watching, if I like a show I just go with it and see where they end up and I don’t really judge it.

Did the abrupt, unplanned departure of Edi Gathegi (who played Jean-Baptiste) throw the season out of whack at all?

When Edi wanted off, suddenly we were forced to get him out of the show. I think the solution we came up with gave us a better storyline for the season. So it came down to to Raylan and Kendal, the boy. So having Kendal witness the murder and the threats against Kendal by Danny, whether explicit or not, gave us something interesting to play with. Then we began to realize that the season was about Raylan trying to save himself as a young boy. So we liked that. That gave us someplace to go emotionally for Raylan.

Can you talk at all about the decision to not explicitly show that Nicky Augustine conversation between Art and Raylan?

We talked this over with our technical advisor and sometimes we can get overly faithful to the truth of a situation. This might have been one. The basic truth is that if Raylan out and out confessed to Art, then Art would have no choice but to bring Raylan up on charges. And it would destory Art’s career and tarnish the careers of everyone who works in that office. So we felt that Raylan couldn’t come out and give a full confession, but that he would say it in a way that Art knew what he meant. That put us in a difficult position dramatically. So how do we make it clear that they can’t talk about it? And we might have missed on that a little bit. But we tried to clarify that a little later in that scene with Rachel. Whether or not it was clear enough is a question. We want to be clear without being ham-fisted. We had other versions where there was some discussion including Art’s wife but we felt any discussion undercut that punch. We felt like the punch said a lot. That this is about as low as their relationship can get.

In a show that’s so much about fathers and sons, it’s hard to maintain that tension after Arlo died last season. Is the Art conflict a suitable replacement?

That was always [FX president] John Landgraf’s biggest concern in killing off Arlo. What do we do now? On the one hand, I totally understand. But on the other hand, even in Season 4, we knew we were looking at the finish line and you don’t want everything to happen in the last season. It’s good to surprise people.

You’ve always had a high body count on Justified, but it feels like you stripped away a lot of side characters this season. Is that to get us down to our core three for the final season?

Well we had to exit Johnny Crowder. It was partly story based. How much further can we go with him back and forth and the betrayal and all that? But it’s also because David Meunier was not going to be as available as he had been in the past. So we decided to take him out.

I guess I’m just still really sad about Jimmy.

You know that was also partly based on Jesse Lukens’ career taking off. We also wanted something to really get Boyd’s attention. Not only is he trying to survive, he’s looking for vengeance.

And are there any other characters we can look forward to seeing next season?

I don’t like to commit to anything because it’s disappointing to the actors if we don’t go down that road but my pat answer is “it would be strange if we didn’t see more of…” So it would be strange if we never saw Limehouse, Dickie Bennett, Judge Reardon, but most notably Constable Bob. Patton Oswalt was a great gift to us on the show. Oh my lord, he was so good.

Is there anything else you want to address in terms of the backlash and this season?

When I get criticism of the show it’s always phrased as “what did you think of the season?” You know, it’s the show I work on! What do you want? It’s like “what do you think of your daughter?” I mean, c’mon, it’s my daughter! I guess the question is, in comparison to what? Should we rank it season by season? Episode by episode? I think that Season 5 had three of our best episodes ever and maybe three of our worst episodes ever. But it started strong and finished strong. So we’ll get into the job of finishing this well.
There's a little bit more via the link, but it's mostly him talking about how fans dealt with other shows ending.


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He's fucking awesome in eurotrip.
S6 - The One Armed Bandit: Quarles Returns!
*coughs* and points at a recent Neal McDonough interview:
Last question, then: Justified creator Graham Yost always insists that Quarles could still be alive. How is that possible?

Oh, Quarles isn’t dead. Graham and I had talked about me coming out of prison with my one arm, and seeking revenge or just wreaking havoc on the whole cast—and if it’s the last season, taking a few down. We’ve talked about it. Whether he can make that happen or not—are you kidding me? To jump back into Robert Quarles’ skin one more time for a last hurrah would be the joy of my career. It really would. Because he was such a fantastic, flawed human being. To go from this Oxy business man to a complete degenerate, drug-addled nutbag [laughs].

Hopefully we’ll get one more chance at that, and I’ll take Raylan down, or Boyd down—I’m takin’ somebody down. Graham has been so good to me with Band of Brothers and Boomtown and then Justified. The famous saying I have is, “In Graham I trust,” and I always do. If he decides he wants me to come back one more time, I’m saddlin’ up.
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I doubt we'll see him next season, but it's funny that they keep on pointing out that he's still alive.


I shot people I like more for less.
I'd love to see Quarles again. Maybe he could pop in on Wynn. I can picture the shit-eating grin already.

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*coughs* and points at a recent Neal McDonough interview:I doubt we'll see him next season, but it's funny that they keep on pointing out that he's still alive.

That interview basically confirms that Neal had about as much fun with Quarles as it looked.



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*coughs* and points at a recent Neal McDonough interview:I doubt we'll see him next season, but it's funny that they keep on pointing out that he's still alive.

Gross, go away Quarles!

At that point, not having a Justified prison based spin-off show is just cruel.

They already did that last year and everyone hated it u__u

I really want Limehouse to play a major role too. His character is too good.

I never felt like they ever did anything interesting with Limehouse, so I wouldn't mind if he came back for a small arc next season.
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