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I didn't get much sleep last night because it was so hot, but now I'm the proud owner of Oto... um whatever this game is called. Now to wait for my Mio figure to come. I can't wait!
Man I suck at that game, but I'm having fun. That's the important part I guess.

Yes. I also have a matching Ritsu avatar that Gravijah was going to use, but he's to much of wuss to use it.
I guess he just doesn't like Nia all that much...[/QUOTE]

that's low!

you know i was excited to use this, and you also know when i use an avatar i don't like switching to another quickly!

likes: breasts
dislikes: lack of breasts

But in all seriousness, despite liking characters that coincidentally have little to no bosoms, I love huge bosoms as well and wish all my favorite flat characters had them. I wish Yui had them. What guy (or girl) doesn't like huge bosoms?

....wait don't answer that cause I know of some pettanko fans.