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I want at least one piece of merch from Red Velvet's first concert but it's really expensive :/ I'll probably wait until the pre-order period is over and then see if some of that stuff is reasonably priced.

Yeah, one random member sucks. I actually got 2 copies to maximize the chances of getting Somin, and Inwill gift the extra copy to a friend.
Good luck! I hope you're able to get her signature ^_^
Tickets for the Europen KARD tour are out. Got one for Lisbon *paging luso*
I have a chance of 50% being out of the city at that time. But I think I'll skip it and leave the ticket for someone who really is a fan.

Boss★Moogle;245894596 said:
Apparently there's no Music Bank today. Sad, I was looking forward to more basking in SNSD's greatness.
Girls Generation to end promotions this week

#스엠_소시플랜_해명해 (sm explain your plan for snsd) is trending in Korea right now
Boss★Moogle;245924176 said:
When news broke it was assumed that they were promoting for more than 1 week but now apparently Inkigayo will be their last which kinda sucks but it may be due to Yuri's ankle injury.
Here comes the conspiracy theories... Chances of this being true anyone?

It's impossible to know 100% exactly, but, some of those tweets are well known shady situations between Mnet and SM, specially the ones about the Gee era.

I hardly think this is the reason for the short promo cycle tho, i think Yuri's injury is a more important reason and also their future plans.

Meanwhile, Holiday Night is now their most sold album during it's 1st week, breaking the record of The Boys.

I forgot to post Hyo throwing shade to the disrespectful kids.
I guess this practice is loosing adherence since years ago. But it's always polite to say an hello if you can.

SM and Mnet feud during 2009-10 is well known, Gee era being the most striking one.
As for now, some of those seems reaching. Comeback stage was on Mnet, and apparently Super Junior had also only one week for their 10th anniversary.
Next week also Music Bank will not air.
Yuri's injury may be the most relevant factor, but then they sent her to perform at SMTown Japan with the injury, as well some variety shows. She even post the pack of ice on the ankle! They will also perform today at DMZ concert. There is yet no official reason for the short promotions, just the announcement.

As I predicted, SM blew up the promotion, even if only partially, nowhere mediaplay was seen, they got 3 variety shows (in Happy together they didn't even questioned/aired about upcoming album), they had no radio broadcasts or other music shows such as sketchbook. The girls deserved better.

There are rumors on air, some about a Japanese release, or repackage (no SM girl group had one since 2010!) and concert, as well some SM station releases.
Let's see what are the upcoming activities-

DMZ Holiday practice, if no official one is released this ones will serve, also some individual ones in the same page.

Dark hair
*any colour*
Tae greatness
Fan meeting
Fan meeting pt2

EDIT: 4K MBC Music Core fancam
온앤오프 (ONF) - Lights On (Performance ver.)
Short music video for their intro track

Best Hyuna, EU Erine - Doong Doong (the lowkies remix) ft. House Rulez's Seoro (spotify link)
So good. It definitely has that House Rulez feel.


Rant on the SNSD one week promo thing:

Edit: It's more or less what luso says.

Aside of music shows being a complete waste of time (moreso for very popular groups) and all of you shouñd be over it, that wouldn't stop them from doing the other music shows?

It's probably SM's call or the girls themshelves that don't feel lile going around all the TV studios just to get another music show win. The Yuri injury also makes sense (but who cares about Yuri when we can get another music show win?)

But if you want to jump to conspiracy theory territory, Wanna One was going to destroy them anyway (they are getting better physical amd digital sales, and nonquestion about the dedication of theirnfans to spam-vote), so maybe is the other way around, and SM doesn't want to make their girls lose with their "highly anticipated" comeback.
So I just watched Happy Together with SNSD and like wtf it was just half an episode, it just kinda ends abruptly and goes to Wanna One which apparently is gonna be on 2 more episodes. Seriously SNSD deserved better than this for their 10th anniversary, I'm shocked and disappointed by the whole ordeal. I was sure the whole country would come together to celebrate the group that put them on the map and instead it seems nobody cares over there.
Yultron & Jay Park & Bone Thugs - Thuggin 4 My Baby (Official Music Video)
I could see Jay Park going mainstream in the west if he is able to pull the right moves and collabs.

[MV] 이달의 소녀/최리 (LOONA/Choerry) "Love Cherry Motion" Choreography Ver.
Less than 222,222 to go for the next subunit "secret" reveal.

More than ready for the queen of mystery.

Pristin doing an Alice Cooper cover would be so rad.

Worst Hyuna
BLACKPINK was at JYP´s Party People and killed it.

As if it's your last.
Special Stage of Beyonce's "Yonce"

All of them 100% live. Jennie is FIRE. FIREEEEEE.
These performances were great I hope they can appear on this show a second time later on.

This is definitely their best cover they've done so far.

This cover almost made me forget they covered Big Bang's Loser because that was tragic.
Comeback/Goodbye stages :(

All Night

Dubious hairstyle but Tae is Tae

GG outfits

Meanwhile ruining others image


Participation in Knowing Brothers in two episodes. Subs should be available soon. Also Running Man is airing.
goodbye stage already ����������������
tae cute as fuuuu

running man with SNSD eng subs