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Some random pics from the K.A.R.D. show. I was a bit far unfortunately
Nice pics. Somin is just too perfect.

Happy Birthday Nayeon
Awwww *.*

Laboum's Yulhee did an IU.

People say it's FT Island's Minhwan.
They better keep this girl out of The Unit,she is going to be destroyed if she gets in.

Long time lurker here, this is the cutest gif I have seen... ever I guess!

Haha I've been staring at it looping for so long ^^ Shit I am sold...
Jo Kwon's leaving JYP
*Jokwon is reportedly leaving JYP Entertainment after spending over 16 years with the company
*He will leave JYP once his contract expires
*One insider said he decided to leave after a series of difficult discussions with the company about the direction the company and he want to head towards. It was a difficult decision for Jokwon because he liked JYP Entertainment and thus, the two sides will continue to support each other in the future.
*Some stuff about 2AM like how the members are all in different companies but technically 2AM never disbanded as they can pull a Shinhwa and join together even tho they're all signed in different companies as solos.
Whether or not he stays in 2AM, I think he could do well as a solo artist. No ballads though please. Bring out that fierceness. (By the way, Golden Tambourine 2 when?)
Wonder Girls band ver. did. In a big way. Then they called it quits. Still angry.
Yeah, I meant a group with some longevity as a band; they were lile what, 1 year "active"? And not sure about "they called it quits", though. Felt lile half of them weren't into the "wait in the JYP dungeon until we call you again" approach.
but the real question is how is it possible that Woohee doesn't have a solo release yet?
Right??? She has all the charms and the voice to make it happen. I mean Mr. Bang Bang was pretty much a Woohee solo in terms of vocals on the recording.

Serri has a lot of ~friends~ so she makes these collabs happen due to her own socializing. Woohee needs a push and unfortunately Happyface hasn't given her one ... Seriously curious if The Unit will make something happen.
Yeah, new IU is great.

Happy Birthday Nayeon
Jihyo is best K-Twice but I'm not gonna lie, Nayeon is cute af and could easily take over #1... provided the stylists keep giving Jihyo shitty looks.

Of course this one second of hoverhand is captured forever
Hoverhanding is okay in this instance. Somin and Jiwoo's aura probably prevented you from going all the way anyway.

Chaotic is pretty great

I actually think it's the best song on the album
Yeah, it definitely is the best song on the album. I'm hoping that when they go Match&Mix(see what I did there? lol) for the repackage, they'll make an MV for Chaotic.

Also are there any English translations for it? I'm currently watching one on YouTube and if this translation is correct then my god... I think I'm about ready to crown this as the panty dropper of 2017 lol.
I have been listening to Mix & Match a few times since release.

Odd - Is what Girl Front needed. I know it is just a snip-it, but it really would have made Girl Front complete.

Girl Front - Catchy. I expected something to blow me away, but it did not. Regardless, this is still a solid song and it has me "Ooooooooing" randomly. The live stage is also awesome.

Loonatic - Cool track. Gives me a new wave feel...? I dunno.

Chaotic - Like everyone has mentioned. This is the best track. Not forced. Just chill sound that exhibits Odd Eye Circle's vocals.

Starlight - More of that futuristic R&B sound. Like this one as well.

Overall - great EP. I hope to see another MV through some goal that the Blockberry lets us know about.
So about that 2nd MV we were supposed to get for IU's 2nd remake album...we are probably not gonna get that. The song for that MV was removed from the album as well. She performed it live at her fanmeeting today.

Original Song:

There has been some recent issues with the singer's families, which is why IU decided it would be best to remove it out of respect. This is also probably why the physical albums are being delayed.

The live version was so good though.
[CHOREOGRAPHY] BTS (방탄소년단) 'DNA' Dance Practice


[Choreography Video] PRISTIN(프리스틴) - ALOHA Present Ver.


Seulgi, Wendy, and Kangta "Doll" @ Fantastic Duo 2


There has been some recent issues with the singer's families, which is why IU decided it would be best to remove it out of respect.
That's putting it lightly. For people who may not have clicked the links - it was recently revealed that the daughter of the song's original singer, and to whom the song copyright was given after the singer passed away, has been dead for 10 years. Claims have been made that the mother kept the death a secret in order to keep the income. This is the same woman against whom a previous claim has been made (and a film made about) that she killed her husband (the original singer).
Gfriend's latest (Summer Rain) has really grown on me. It's still disapointing they stopped evolving their sound from Fingertips, but I love the melody and it's heaps better from that previous comeback song.

The song April is promoting is really good too.